Sunday Notes & Links

One new pen this week, although it’s one I ordered back in March.

Photo of my Conklin Crescent Filler
Conklin Crescent Filler LE Demonstrator w/Black Trim

I did go a bit crazy this week so should have a few new things next week. I’ve ordered some new (for me) paper and inks and found a few low cost pens on eBay when browsing on Saturday. So much for saving for the DC show, but at least I didn’t dip into the DC fund.

Inktronics has republished (from a forum) his 2011 review of the Fossil Black Leather notebook.

Goulet Pens is stocking fountain pen tuning and maintenance supplies so they’ve been publishing video tutorials on using them. The latest is on using Mylar Paper.

Edison Pens is now offering 14K Gold Flex Nibs from Richard Binder on their pens. They’re not for me, but it seems like a nice match.

Peacable Writer recaps his ink and recent explorations in Writing Down the Ink #13: More Blues and Beyond.

Goodwriterspens writes about a red Parker Slimfold.

Noodler’s has released non-flex nibs for their fountain pens and Anderson Pens has them in stock. So now I can get one of those nice looking ebonite pens and get a nib I’ll use, it’s a whole $2 extra.