This Week’s Ink: July 13, 2013

This week’s ink is a little late but has a definite theme. I spent Saturday morning cleaning out what was left of last week’s ink. By afternoon I moved on to cleaning and testing some new pen arrivals.

With 7 Esterbrook’s in my collection it seemed like a nice theme. Especially since I have some estie nibs I’ve yet to use. So each pen had it’s nib swapped for one I hadn’t used yet, although the #2668 is a second one of the same point.

The seven pens will be my daily carry but I’m itching to ink up some more pens since I have a bunch of new paper I want to try. At the very least I plan to ink up the rest of my vintage pens. Then I’ll pick some modern ones to fill out my Penvelope 13 case. But let’s get to the daily carry.

Here are the pens:

Photo of Esterbrooks inked for the week ahead

Esterbrook J (#2668 medium firm) – Montblanc Bordeaux // Esterbrook J – (#2442 falcon stub) – Montblanc Racing Green // Esterbrook $1 (#1554 firm fine – clerical) – R & K Sepia // Esterbrook J (#2048 flexible fine shaded) – Diamine Oxblod // Esterbrook J (#9048 extra flexible fine) – Noodler’s Apache Sunset // Esterbrook J (#9128 extra fine flexible) – R&K Alt-Goldrun // Esterbrook SJ (#2314F relief fine stub) – Iroshizuku Fuyo_syogun

Writing Samples

Photo of this week's ink writing samples

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