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Ink emerges from an Esterbrook cap (photo)

I spent a good chunk of time on Saturday cleaning out some newly arrived pens and nibs. And since the ultrasonic cleaner was out I threw some existing nibs through too. The above picture is the cap from a newly arrived Esterbrook. I rinsed some water into the cap and it came out clear. Then I went in with a q-tip and there was a bit of ink on it. Rather than scrub I put it in the ultrasonic and about 2 minutes later ink started coming out. The water got so blue the cap was hard to see. In total, that cap must have spent 20 to 30 minutes in the cleaner with several batches of fresh water. Lesson learned, all newly arrived pen nibs and caps go in the ultrasonic even if the initial wash appears clear. (Assuming the pen is UC friendly of course)

That cap is one of the 7 Esterbrooks in this weeks carry.

Links that caught my interest this week…

A selection of Nakayas at Leigh Reyes. A good comparison for anyone interested in the size differences between the various models.

The FPGeeks Inkcyclopedia covered Montblanc Irish Green, my current favorite bright green. 

Also at FPGeeks, the Faber-Castell Pure Black E-motion was announced. A gorgeous pen that would be a nice complement to my white E-Motion but seems to be medium nib only.

The Clicky Post reviews the Kaweco AL Sport.

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