Vintage Collection All Inked

The seven Esterbrooks are my daily carry for the week ahead. I had a couple other new (for me) vintage pens this week and wanted to ink them up. So inking up all my vintage pens seemed like a good idea. I have some new paper I want to try and this will give me a nice variety of ink.

The Sheaffer Triumph still wrote poorly, even with the universally loved Waterman ink. I took a look at the nib and sure enough, the times are badly misaligned. I spent a little time trying to align them and made some improvement. But with the conical nib on a vintage pen I decided to leave the adjustment to the experts at the D.C. show. It will be an easy fix for a nibmeister.

When I was done inking the vintage pens I still had three empty slots in my Penvelope 13 case. So I inked a never used TWSBI Micarta (1st gen) and two new Noodler’s Konrads with the new non-flex nibs.

The Vintage Pens

Photo on the 10 vintage pens capped

L->R: Sheaffer Snorkel (extra fine), Sheaffer Touchdown Craftsman Tip-Dip (medium), Sheaffer Balance (Fine), Sheaffer Triumph (Fine), Sheaffer Balance (Fine), Parker Duofold (Fine), Parker Vacumatic Maxima (Fine), Parker Vacumatic Maxima (Fine), Parker Striped Duofold (Fine), Merlin 33 (fine/medium)

Photo of 5 vintage pens uncapped

Photo of 5 vintage pens uncapped

Writing samples of inked vintage pens

The Modern Pens

Photo of 3 modern pens capped

Photo of 3 modern pens uncapped


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