Sunday Notes and Links

My Esterbrook J pulled apart

I stopped procrastinating last weekend and began my first fountain pen re-sacing. The pen came apart easily. Despite the broken sac in the above picture it came out of the pen in one piece and didn’t break until I touched it. Cleaning the old sac off was pretty easy too. I didn’t run into problems until it came time to put the new sac on. My fingers weren’t coordinated enough to get the sac on. Since I didn’t seem to have anything usable already I ordered a $5 sac spreader. It’s arrived and I hope to return to the pen later today.

Links I found interesting…

FP Geeks has a Clairefontaine 1951 Notebook review. I ordered a couple of these recently and started using one. I’ve been using it for writing samples and playing with pens.

The Pen Addict has a review of Diamine Red Dragon ink.

And All Other Tasks talks about Where Nibmeisters Differ (via Peaceable Writer)

Leigh Reyes writes about improving one’s handwriting.