This Week’s Ink: July 27, 2013

I inked up a lot of pens two weeks ago, all my vintage pens in fact. My daily carry was my Esterbrooks and three of them remain. I added my five Sheaffers to the caryy. All of my vintage Sheaffers except for the Triumph in need of a nib alignment,

The green Sheaffer Sentinel Deluxe is a new arrival, arriving in Thursday’s mail. Montblanc Racing Green seemed to be the perfect ink choice for the pen. I’d been holding off using the Montblanc Bordeaux and Racing Green inks since they’re discontinued. I decided that was foolish. I like them, I should use them. Not using them to save them isn’t any different than not using them because I ran out. Not writing with them is not writing with them.

The Iroshizuku Tsukushi (Horsetail) is a new brown ink for me.

The Pens

Photo of pens ink for this week's carry

Esterbrook J (#2668 medium firm) – Montblanc Bordeaux // Esterbrook J (#2048 flexible fine shaded) – Diamine Oxblod // Esterbrook SJ (#2314F relief fine stub) – Iroshizuku Fuyo_syogun // Sheaffer Triumph Sentinel Deluxe (fine) – Montblanc Racing Green // Sheaffer Snorkel Saratoga (extra fine) – Diamine Syrah // Sheaffer Balance (brown) (fine) – Diamine Ancient Copper // Sheaffer Balance (red) (fine) – Iroshizuku Tsukushi //Sheaffer Craftsman Tip-Dip (medium) – Sailor Jentle Epinard

Ink Samples

Photo of writing samples for this week's ink

2 thoughts on “This Week’s Ink: July 27, 2013

  1. Hi! I just bought a Sheaffer Craftsman Tip-Dip and can’t find any info on what size parts I need to restore it. Could you recommend what you used? Thanks!


    • Hi Amelia,

      I bought mine already restored so didn’t restore it myself. For parts you may try I’m not sure where to find repair info to DIY. You probably already did a Google search.

      Good luck, thanks for reading.



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