Sunday Notes and Links

Picture of my recent acquisitions
Recent Deliveries.

A lot of new goodies this past week. The green Sheaffer Sentinel Deluxe inked for the week ahead arrived earlier in week, and the stuff shown above arrived Friday and Saturday. Most of the Esterbrook nibs came in one batch. Some I already have but the price was good just considering the ones I wanted. The Sheaffer is from Greg Miinuskin and I can’t wait to ink it up. It will probably be my next pen review. Finally, there the Esterbrook SJ. I bought it for the nib but the pen is in good condition so it’s a keeper.

Some Links I Found Interesting…

A classic Sheaffer video via Greg Minuskin.

Sheaffer PFM Video Review

Inkdependence reviews Franklin-Christoph Olde Emerald ink