Sunday Notes and Link

Sheaffer Balance Junior with Iroshizuku Fuyu-syogun

There wasn’t a “This Week’s Ink” post yesterday because the Sheaffer Balance Junior is my only daily carry this week. At least until the D.C. pen show. I’m on vacation so don’t need my typical 3 ink minumum for taking notes.

I’m look forward to the Washington DC Pen Show later this week.

Some links that caught my interest this past week…

Edison Pen Co has introduced a new pen and filling system, the Menlo pump filler. I like the traditional cigar shape and the vacumatic style filling system. I look forward to seeing these in D.C.

Edjelly writes about his Sheaffer Snorkels.

Peaceable Writer goes through the process, decisions and results of ordering a Edison custom pen.

No Pen Intended covers 3 category killing writing instruments.

Inkophile reviewed 3 low cost Chinese pens.

Ink Reviews

Edjelly reviews Diamine Meadow.

Inkdependence has a review of Sailor Jentle Grenade.