D.C. Pen Show List

The upcoming Washington D.C pen show will be my second pens show. I don’t have a long list of pens I expect to come back with, but I figure I better have some sort of list going in so that I at least have some focus while I’m taking it all in.

  • A new Edison Signature Line pen is on my want list this year. I want to look at the materials available and hope to find a translucent acrylic. I also want to see the new Menlo pump filler.
  • Franklin-Christoph – The Pocket 40 pen interests me. I also want to get a second Penvelope Six case. The Collegia also seems worth checking out as a low cost way to get a F-C nib. Also worth checking out are their inks, papers and nib options.
  • I’ll compare the Pelikan 800 and 1000 again. At the LI Pen Show I tried them and preferred the 800. I’ll look again although I’m not too fond of the standard models. I’ll look around for some older models. I’m on the fence for this pen, I’m not sure it’s worth the price for me, but I can browse and dream.
  • Nib Work: I need to get the nib on my Sheaffer Triumph aligned. I’ve also grown fond of stub nibs and left oblique nibs so Ill pick out a pen or two that might benefit from the regrind.
  • Esterbrook nibs: I have about 20 Esterbrook nibs and it’s the one thing I started to collect with the goal of getting them all. Maybe eventually the cartography nib, but for now I’ll look to add the more common ones.

According to the forums, nibs.com (John Mottishaw) won’t be there which is disappointing. I was hoping to see the various finishes and models of Nakaya pens. I might see some around the show, but probably not a wide selection.

Ever since the Long Island Pen Show I’ve been more interested in vintage than modern pens. My current interest is Sheaffer and I suspect I’ll add at least one more Snorkel filler if nothing else.

What’s on your show list?

2 thoughts on “D.C. Pen Show List

    • Looks like we’ll be looking at a lot of the same stuff. The Viscontis would also be touch but don’t but for me. They look like beautiful pens.


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