Sunday Notes & Links

I’m at the Washington DC Pen Show this weekend and I’m bandwidth and time impaired, so I’ll get right to the links. (More on the show in a day or two).

Fountain pens made the mainstream press with Wired’s review of 6 popular fountain pens.

ClickyPost has a discount on Doane Paper. No end date mentioned, I stocked up on Wednesday – Flap Jotters and both large and small writing pads.

Also at ClickyPost, a review of the hard to find AL Sport Raw Aluminum Rollerball. Not a FP, but still looks way cool.

Inkdependence Reviews the Anderson Pens Proper Pad. Based on this review I picked one up at the show so I could try it out.

A tour of the Platinum Pen Factory (via The Pen Addict)

And in completely unrelated news, if you’re a Apple iCloud user who’s about to lose your MobileMe bonus, Microsoft Skydrive wants to help you out for free. Well, at least for a year at which point you’ll be in the same “pay or downgrade” predicament. Maybe then Google Drive will offer a freebie.

Ink Reviews

Franklin-Christoph Back Magic and Syrah Syrah at Inkdependence.

Noodler’s 54th Massachusetts at