Esterbrook #2314F Nib

Esterbrook 2314F Nib stiub tip photo
Esterbrook 2314F Nib stiub tip

The Esterbrook 2314F nib was my first Esterbrook stub nib. It’s main attraction was that it was a fine nib. After using it I sought out the wider “B” nib and ended up with the 9314B. There are differences between the two nibs besides the size of the line they put down.

My nib appears to be unused, or lightly used, before it reached me. It’s a smooth writer but since these are all old nibs, manufactured decades ago, other nibs may vary.

The box is labelled:

  • Relief Fine Stub
  • Fine Stub
  • Solid Durachrome Renew-Point
  • Made in the U.S.A. Esterbrook Camden N.J.
Esterbrook 2314F Nib box photo
Esterbrook 2314F Nib box

It’s a left-oblique nib, but unlike the 9314B the so-called “sweet spot” covers a large angle so it’s easy to get a good flow when writing with the nib. It’s very forgiving if the pen is rotated while writing.

It’s a thin nib so shading is minimal at best. There is some slight line variation in the line which adds a little character. Additional variation is probably possible by rotating the pen while writing. But even when I experimented with different angles, I kept the same grip for the writing session.


  • Very slight line variation
  • No shading
  • Much wider “sweet spot” than the 9314B
  • Wrote consistently on all paper types used

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