Sunday Notes and Link

Some links I found interesting…

Crónicas Estilográficas continues exploring Pilot pens with Pilot Filling Systems in the 1960s.

The Beautiful Pens writes about Red Pens! The Montegrappa Alfa Romeo.

Inkophile brings news of two new iron gall based permanent inks from Montblanc. Also the current Midnight Blue is being reformulated. Montblanc inks get a lot of use in my pens so looking forward to seeing what the new black is like. Since Montblanc intends for the ink to be used in their own pens I figure the iron gall content must be pretty tame.

Edison Pens has a new double-nibbed pen. Two nibs, two ink reservoirs. First one I’ve seen that looks nice. Maybe next years Edison for me. Same nib on each end to allow different colors? Two different nibs? It may take me a year to decide.

Ink Reviews reviews Sailor Kiwa Guro Nano Black ink. I almost added this to a recent Jetpens order but decided not to due to the price. This review will have me seeking out lower cost alternatives