Sunday Notes and Links

Links of interest this past week…

Most of you came here from The Pen Addict (thanks for all the links Brad!) so this is old news, but for the others:  Nock Co has launched on Kickstarter. Nock Co is  from the Pen Addict, Brad Dowdy and Jeffrey Bruckwicki of Old Fourth Tailoring (and more) and they design and make pen cases. I backed it at the $75 level to get all the cases. That’s $10.71 a case which is dirt cheap for what I expect to be a quality product. Obviously I’m not alone in thinking this as this level had the most backers for several days and is still a close second choice. They busted through their funding goal in an hour and are now over 1,000 backers and over 8 times their goal, so it’s pretty much a done deal.

Review: Gate City Pen – The Belmont Galápagos at Gourmet Pens. The review is spot on with my experiences. I have the same pen, although in a extra fine nib and the Claret (red) model with a fine nib. The nibs are interchangeable and I have a 3rd medium nib. The medium is a 18k gold nib and is my least favorite of the three.

Crónicas Estilográficas discusses Sailor inks in Jentle on the Side.

Edison Huron Revisited: If You Like It, Put a Ring on It at peaceable Writer.

Faber-Castell e-Motion at Inktronics. I have the white version of the pen and like the review says, it has the distinction of being the smoothest out-of-the box nib I’ve had.

Ink Reviews

Bay State Blue at

Rohrer & Klingner Scabiosa Review at the Pen Addict

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