Favorite 5: Modern Pens

In trying to bring some order to my accumulation I decided to pick my 5 favorite modern and 5 favorite vintage pens. This is the modern list and based strictly on my own personal tastes which lean towards thin nibs that imitate nails. I’m fickle so this list could change at any time, but right now my favorite 5 modern pens are…

1. Edison Menlo Pump Filler

Edison Menlo Pump FillerThis pen tops the list because it’s both my favorite looking pen and the extra fine steel nib is one of the best writers I have. Here’s my review. Montblanc Toffee Brown is my ink of choice for this pen.

2. Franklin-Christoph Model 66

Franklin-Christoph Model 66The F-C Model 66 desk pen has been on of my favorites since I got it. The design is simple, but it fits my hand perfectly and it’s a great writer. Rohrer & Klingner Blau-Schwarz is my ink of choice for this pen which I converted to an eyedropper filler. Review

3. Sailor Pro Gear Imperial Black

Sailor Pro Gear Imperial BlackA nice stealth black pen. The 21kt gold nib is a smooth writer for such a thin nib. This Japanese fine is thinner than my western extra fine nibs. Review

4. Sailor 1911 Sterling Silver

Sailor 1911 Sterling SilverI like the sterling silver although it does tarnish. I had the factory medium nib stubbed by Richard Binder. It’s a thin stub but it’s what put the pen into the top 5.

5. Edison Pearl 2012 LEE

Edison Pearl 2012 LEEThe Pearl is another pen that fits my hand well and the ebonite is a nice warm material which puts this pen in my favorite 5. Review

Honorable Mentions

It was tough not putting the Vanishing Point (review) on the list. It’s a unique pen but I’ve found myself using it less these days. It’s a favorite and it seems like it should be on the list, but I can’t.

The Faber-Castell Basic is another pen worthy of mention. At less than $50 it’s got a smooth factory nib out of the box, almost as smooth as the eMotion, and looks good in black leather.

5 thoughts on “Favorite 5: Modern Pens

  1. Love the model 66 (after I had the broken feed replaced). What nib did you get? Mine is the medium italic and it is just right for me


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