Favorite 5: Vintage Fountain Pens

I recently posted my favorite modern fountain pens, now it’s time for the vintage list. Like the modern pens, these choices are completely subjective and specific to the pens I have. My preference for thin, nail-like nibs factors in so don’t expect a vintage juicy flex. Similar pens may perform completely differently. I’m fickle so this list could change anytime, but my current favorite 5 are…

1. Sheaffer Balance Junior c1931 with custom stub nib

Sheaffer Balance Junior c1931

While the discoloration makes this a pretty ugly pen it tops the list on the strength of its stub nib. Reviewed here.

2. Sheaffer Balance Lifetime Oversize c1935

Sheaffer Balance Oversize - Marine Green

While the Junior tops the list thanks to it’s nib, this Balance owes the #2 slot to its looks. The stub nib is great although just a little wider than my personal preference which keeps it out of the number one slot.

3. Parker Vacumatic Maxima (1942) Silver Pearl with Nickel Trim

Parker Vacumatic Maxima (1942) Pearl Grey

My second vintage pen is still holds a place among my favorites. The fine nib is comparable to my other Parkers, which makes it very good. It’s the finish of this one that sets it apart from the others.

4. Esterbrook J (any of them)

Esterbrook J with 8440 nib

The Esterbrooks make the list, not because of any single pen, but because of the variety, durability and wide selection of nibs. They’re just plain fun to have and use.

5. Parker Duofold Senior c1928 “Big Red”

Parker Duofold Senior "Big Red"

This has always been the classic fountain for me so this makes the list based strictly on emotion. This pen has a tendency to leak a bit from the nib into the cap when being bounced around in my bag, so it will probably be the first to go from this list.

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