Ink Notes: Iroshizuku Yu-Yake

Bottle of Iroshizuku Yu-Yake ink

Iroshizuke Yu-Yake is an ink I picked up from Amazon when it was discounted, although it’s still on the expensive side. It’s not a color I’ll use a lot, but I picked it up because it was unlike any other ink color I had.

Orange isn’t a color I’d even consider as a daily writer which is a good thing since the ink doesn’t do well in my preferred thin nibs. I also prefer my nibs on the dry side which isn’t a good choice for this ink. With the extra fine and fine nibs the ink seemed like it was always about to skip or go dry. With the medium nib it was OK although unremarkable.

I really liked the performance in the Sheaffer Legacy I with the stub nib. That’s easily the wettest nib I used the ink in and one of the widest. I use the ink for note taking when I want the note to stand out which means it’s only used for short writing sessions. The ink is fast drying so even with the wide, wet nib it dries quick enough. No smudges as long as I’m just a little careful and don’t turn the page too fast. There’s also very nice line variation and shading with this nib.

I wouldn’t say the ink has flow problems, it flows quit nicely. But it’s not a free flowing ink, maybe a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10. There was some show through but no bleed-through on any paper and no noticeable feathering.

Cleaning was quick and easy. It wasn’t in the TWSBI long enough to stain even if it was prone to stain, but it washed out quick and easy. It was in the Legacy I for about 2 weeks and also cleaned out of it easily.

For the water test the ink dried for about 2 hours and it faded when it was wet but didn’t smudge or run and was still legible.

Wrapping Up

A nice orange ink although I don’t have a lot to compare it to. It’s not an ink I’ll use a lot but I do like it. I’ll use it in wider and wetter nibs.

Pens Used

My TWSBI Vac 700 with extra fine, fine, medium, broad and 1.1 mm nibs was used for the writing samples.These nibs tend to be on the dry side which isn’t the best choice for this ink.

My Sheaffer Legacy I with a factory stub seemed ideal for this ink. It’s the first ink I’ve used in the pen so I can’t compare it. There was nice line variation and shading.

Writing Samples

I had problems with page 2 of the Rhodia samples. I ripping ability failed completely and the top of the page is ragged where I tore it from the pad. The water from the water test also spread a little to far, but didn’t ruin the sample too much. So apologies for that.

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