Favorite 5: Inks

After listing my 5 favorite modern and vintage pens it makes sense to list the five favorite inks I put in them.

1. Montblanc Bordeaux

Photo of a bottle of Montblanc Bordeaux ink
Montblanc Bordeaux Ink

Easily my number 1 ink. I have just over 2 bottles of this discontinued ink left. I had been hording it, afraid to use it all up. Then I realized that not using it was not using it, whether because I was hording or because I actually ran out. If it’s not in a daily carry pen then it’s in one of my desk pens, currently my Edison Huron Grande. Montblanc Bordeaux ink notes.

2. Iroshizuku Fuyu-Syogun

Irosjizuku Fuyu-syogun ink bottle

Another clear favorite and usually found in at least one of my daily carry pens. NOT a watered down black. Fuyu-Syogun ink notes.

3. Montblanc Racing Green

photo of a bottle of Montblanc Racing Green ink
Montblanc Racing Green bottle

While this dark green may not always be in one of my pens it’s a favorite and is inked up more often than not. It is an ink I get tired of if I use it too much so it could temporarily drop from this list. I have just under two bottles of this discontinued ink left. Ink Notes

4. Rohrer and Klingner Blau-Schwarz

Photo of a Rohrer & Klingner Blau-Schwarz bottle

I’m not a fan of blue or even blue-black inks, yet this blue-black is a favorite. Unfortunately it’s a limited edition ink. This ink is a regular in my Franklin-Christoph Model 66 desk pen which is always inked. Ink Notes

5. Montblanc Toffee Brown

Bottle of Montblanc Toffee Brown Fountain Pen Ink

I like brown inks and this is my current favorite. It’s the ink of choice for my current favorite modern fountain penMontblanc Toffee Brown Ink Notes

Wrapping Up

It looks like I have a preference for Montblanc inks, despite not having any of their pens. It just turned out this way. There are some that I don’t like or haven’t tried but I do trust them in my pens, including vintage, since Montblanc intends them for use it their own expensive pens.

Despite the blueish grey of Fuyu-syogun and the blue-black R&K ink I’m not a fan of blue inks. I don’t hate them, but you’ll never see a true-blue in my favorites and rarely in my pens.

What are your favorite inks?

5 thoughts on “Favorite 5: Inks

  1. Ah yes! You like that Bordeaux! Amassing it like Brian Anderson hehe, perhaps you two have competed for supplies in the past ๐Ÿ™‚ It does look lovely though. I hear wonderful things about Toffee Brown though so I really think I’ll have to try that out next. Even the name makes me drool… but that could be because it’s breakfast time. I really don’t know if I could narrow it down to 5 inks. I’m quite impressed.

    • Hi Azizah. The Toffee Brown is worth trying, but I’ll leave the tasting to you. Brian gets to many more pen shows than me so he probably has the edge in finding it ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s my favorite ink, but not worth some of the asking prices I’ve seen on eBay. At least not until I get down to the last drops. Lucky for me I horded it when I learned it was discontinued.


  2. MB Racing Green is one of my favorites too! I just recently sampled MB Bordeaux and have a pen inked with it now. Still need to try the MB Toffee Brown, and I may need to make that sooner rather than later. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. This could have easily been my list! My number 1 is also the Montblanc Bordeaux (didn’t detect a change when compared to the new Burgundy Red) so I wouldn’t see a reason to horde or not use it. Also Toffee Brown is a great colour, though I wished it carried more of a red tinge to it as opposed to plain brown.

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