Review: Edison Nouveau Premiere LE 2012

Goulet Pens recently announced this year’s Edison Nouveau Premier LE ebonite pen. Edison and ebonite push the right buttons for me and my reflex was to click the order button right then and there. I already had the 2012 edition, Cherry Cordial ebonite and it had been awhile since I used it. So rather than order the new Macassar ebonite I pulled the Cherry Cordial pen from the pen case and inked it up. Would this convince me to order this year’s version or satisfy my ebonite appetite?

Why I Got It

Edison and ebonite for less than a Signature Line price. Plus I like the cigar shaped design, even though the ends are much sharper than the traditional cigar shape.

What I Got

The Edison Nouveau Premiere I received was #69 of 100 in Cherry Cordial ebonite. I received the pen in August 2012.

I chose the fine steel nib with a two-tone finish. Given a choice I would typically choose the single-tone silver finish but I thought the gold looked good with cherry cordial.

The pen is a cartridge/converter fill and takes short international cartridges.

It’s a long pen. The tapering makes it look shorter and much thinner, but it’s actually a pretty big pen. Rather than a simple tapered section, the pen has a concave section which makes it easy to hold. Like most Edison pens it’s a light pen despite it’s size.

The Numbers

  • Length Capped:   5.959″  (151.26 mm)
  • Length Uncapped:   5.071″  (128.81 mm)
  • Length Posted:   6.875″  (174.625 mm)
  • Section Length:   0.606″  (15.41 mm)
  • Section Diameter (near nib):   0.401″  (10.19 mm)
  • Section Diameter (near threads):   0.427″  (10.86 mm)
  • Section Diameter (middle):   0.360″  (9.16 mm)
  • Barrel Diameter:   0.505″  (12.83 mm)
  • Cap Diameter:   0.556″  (14.12 mm)

Using The Pen

Edison Nouveau Encore LE 2012 nib

The pen is long and with the concave section is fits comfortably in my hand when I’m writing and the ebonite has a nice warm feel. When I scan the pens in the case I see it a thin pen and figure it will be uncomfortable for me so it often stays there. But it’s a normal size pen, other than the length and quit comfortable.

The extra fine Edison nib just glides along the paper and is a joy to use. It’s a light pen and no pressure is needed to keep the ink flowing. Long writing sessions are fatigue free.

The pen is light, and if I hold the pen at the end a drag it along the paper it does write a consistent line under its own weight if held at a high angle.

There’s not much else to say. In the year I’ve had the pen I can’t remember it ever skipping or having a dry nib when I uncapped it. The pen is comfortable to hold and I can write all day without getting fatigued. The concave section also adds another level of comfort.

The pen is long and I don’t post my pens anyway, but while the cap does technically post it would have to be pushed down quit hard and I’d be concerned about marring the pen over time. Even then it doesn’t seem very secure and works its way loose if I move my hand around a lot.

Cleaning the Pen

The pen is easy to clean. I use a bulb syringe and it’s quick and easy. But even without the syringe the section can be flushed and then the converter can be used to flush out the section. It’s not as fast but it’s as effective with this pen.

Inks Used

I’ve used several brands and colors without a problem and all performed well. To re-acquaint myself with the pen I used Montblanc Irish Green prior to the review. I don’t have any inks noted as not being friendly with this pen.

Wrapping Up

So, did I decide to buy the 2013 edition? No. But only because I already have one and prefer the cherry cordial color. If I didn’t have one, or had lost it, I would be seriously considering the 2013 as a replacement. It’s only drawback is it looks so thin that it often gets overlooked.