Review: Kaweco Classic Sport

Kaweco Classic Sport

It would have made more sense for the low-cost Kaweco Classic Sport  to be my first Kaweco but that wasn’t the route I took. The Classic is one-third the cost of the AL Sport which was my first Kaweco. The two pens have the same basic shape and form-factor so much of the Kaweco AL Sport review applies to this pen. I’ll highlight the differences in this review.

Why I Got It

To scratch a curiosity itch. I already had the AL Sport and wanted to try the budget priced Classic or Ice Sport. I don’t really like the gold trim and nibs on the Classic. While the Ice has silver trim and nibs I didn’t like the colored cap with clear body. So I picked the clear demonstrator Classic Sport with an extra fine nib.

What I Got

The pen arrived in a cardboard box with the Kaweco design on it. The box was more like a sleeve enclosed on both ends. Pretty basic, but this is a sub $25 pen so no complaints. A Kaweco blue ink cartridge was included inside the pen. The nib is gold plated, as is the cap jewel and Kaweco logo on the barrel.

The pen plastic does feel a bit cheap. It seems easier to break than the Franklin-Christoph Model 40 Pocket, although I don’t plan to put that to the test. I’d be a little hesitant to use this as an eye-dropper carried in my pocket or bouncing around in a bag.

The Numbers

  • Length Capped:  4.158″   (105.62 mm)
  • Length Uncapped: 3.945″   (100.22 mm)
  • Length Posted:  5.161″   (131.09 mm)
  • Section Length:  0.600″   (15.26 mm)
  • Section Diameter (near threads):  0.394″   (10.22 mm)
  • Section Diameter (near nib):  0.378″  (9.62 mm)
  • Barrel Diameter:  0.428″   (10.88 mm)
  • Cap Diameter:  0.521″   (13.25 mm)
  • Cap Length:   2.776″   (70.51 mm)

Using The Pen

Kaweco Classic Sport extra fine nib

I typically flush out a pen on arrival, especially sub $100 pens. In this case I just popped in the cartridge. Unlike the AL Sport, which wrote immediately, it took some time and coaxing to get the ink flowing. I did clean out the pen when changing ink and there wasn’t any change in performance.

The pen is light. Not surprising with a small plastic pen. While there are benefits to a small pen I find it a tad too light. I don’t really enjoy writing with it for longer sessions. The nib has a little tooth to it, otherwise it barely feels like I’m using a pen.

The nib had a little tooth or feedback to it out of the box. It’s not nearly as smooth as the AL Sport was, but it’s not bad. The Classic and AL Sports probably use the same nib (except for the gold plating on the Classic) but the nib/feed units aren’t interchangeable. Whether it’s differences in the feed or in the quality control (or luck of the draw for me) the AL Sport was definitely a better introduction to Kaweco pens. I’m not saying the Classic is a bad pen, to the contrary, it’s a nice pen but the difference in price seems to be due to more than just the material.

No ink is put down when I hold the end of the pen and drag it across the paper under it’s own weight. The flow is a bit inconsistent giving the ink some random variation from the amount of ink being put down.

The pen is too small for a standard convertor but Kaweco does have a squeeze converter available. I’ve yet to use it, being content to use cartridges so far.

Cleaning the Pen

The pen is easy to clean. There’s no included convertor to help force water through so a bulb syringe comes in handy to flush the nib and feed. But any international convertor will fit so you can use one from another pen if you have one (to help flush the pen).

Inks Used

In what’s become a recent practice, I used the included blue ink cartridge as the first ink. Performance was fine. There was some inconsistency in the ink flow but it never skipped and there weren’t any false starts. I eventually replaced the blue with a Kaweco Green ink cartridge which also performed similarly to the blue ink.

Wrapping Up

As a sub $25 fountain pen the Kaweco Classic Sport is well worth the money. While it’s a pocket pen, once it’s posted it’s a normal size pen which is nice. I personally find the pen a little light and don’t like the feel of the plastic for long writing sessions.

If this had been my first Kaweco I probably wouldn’t have then purchased the AL Sport. I would have figured the price difference was all in the material. There was also a definite improvement in performance too, although as I mentioned this could be the luck of the draw for me.

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4 thoughts on “Review: Kaweco Classic Sport

  1. Ray, how do these Kaweco cartridge inks stack up? Are they good for everyday use? I know it’s not much money to get started with this set-up, but I’ve had very good luck with the Lamy cartridges, and just wanted another opinion on Kaweco. Thanks for this post, very timely since I’m looking at Kaweco and close to pulling the trigger.

    • Hi Davey,
      I like the Kaweco cartridges. I’ve used the blue that comes with the pens and, even though I’m not a fan of blue they are fine for every day use. No problems. I’ve also used the red and green although and like them too, although I haven’t finished off either one.

      It’s been a long time since I used a Lamy cartridge so can’t really compare them. If I remember right the Lamys hold more ink since their proprietary.

      Thanks for reading,

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