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Cheers! - Happy holiday

It’s been pretty sparse here on the fountain pen quest in December. Since that isn’t likely to change before year-end I’ll take this opportunity to offer everyone good holiday wishes and a happy new year.

The ink by the bottle or cartridge poll closed with 62 votes. Bottle users accounted for 65% of the votes while 34% use both. There was 1 cartridge user. At the time of the poll I voted for “Bottle”. While I’d use the occasional cartridge it was rare. Things have changed and I’d say I’m in the “Both” camp. I’m picking a cartridge over a converter when there’s a choice, saving the bottle ink for piston and similar pens. I like the convenience and it doesn’t seem like so much ink is sitting around unused.

Anderson Pens is expanding their store stock (and therefore their online offerings) and the latest addition is the Visconti brand. I’m drooling over the green Visconti Wall Street. The finish reminds me of the vintage Parker Vacumatics. Of course, I could buy several of these classics for the price on one Wall Street. Still, I may have to start saving my pennies and it’s on my list to see at a pen show next year.

There was a lot of buzz so you may already know about the “INK” fountain pen from Karas Customs via Kickstarter. I liked the design of their past pens but never pulled the trigger for a non-fountain pen. I jumped on this one and got the early bird all-silver all-aluminum fountain pen. Unlike that other popular (but controversial) Kickstarter fountain pen this one is a completely custom design and build from the folks selling it. I like the all aluminum look but the copper and brass sections along with all the color choices provide a mind boggling array of combinations. Especially considering the caps, sections and barrels are all interchangeable allowing for ever changing variations if multiple pens are purchased. Little voices are telling me to go with the “one of each” choice. But for now I’ll hold steady.

It’s unrelated to fountain pens, but one annual event I look forward to is coming up. Comic Craft (Comic Book Fonts) has their annual New Year’s Day sale coming up. All their fonts are on sale for a penny per year, so this New year’s day they’ll be $20.14. Be sure to check out their catalog (pdf) before the sale. When they say “all fonts” they mean it – from the $395 flagship font to the bargain basement $19 fonts. The regular prices won’t be listed on New Year’s so be ready.

My inked pens haven’t changed much since I inked them at the end of November. Work related travel gave me fewer opportunities to use the pens and there were a lot to choose from when needed. I did clean a couple of them out. This includes the Edison Huron Grande which has has Montblanc Bordeaux in it’s barrel since August. Cleaning was quick and easy with not hint of staining. It made me regret dumping what ink was left since it wasn’t even close to causing problems.

I went a little nuts with my year-end pen purchases, despite going into November planning to save funds for 2014 pen shows. A unexpected year-end bonus and a complete lack of will-power was a bad combination. The Pilot Custom 823 and the Pilot Vanishing Point in Maplewood have already been pictured and are great pens. But there have been more.

I’d much rather buy from a pen retailer but when browsing Amazon recently I came across a Black Lamy 2000 fine nib pen at an irresistible price. Like others have reported, the nib is a bit scratchy out of the box so it’ll need to be tuned.

My Sheaffer vintage obsession has spilled over to modern Sheaffers, I’ve added a Sheaffer Intensity Carbon Fiber with a fine nib to my accumulation, giving me 15 Sheaffers. I’ve yet to ink it up so can’t comment on performance, but Krazy Ivan has a review of it on Inktronics. I also have a “Maximum Orange” Sheaffer VFM working its way to me.

Finally, the USPS is torturing me by estimating delivery of my Pelikan M191N Lizard for this past Friday but not delivering it or logging any tracking updates since it’s departure from L.A..

Goulet Pens/Edison Pen Company have re-opened the buy period for the Edison Premiere LE Macassar Ebonite fountain pen. The production ebonite was lighter than the sample so orders can be cancelled and the rest of us get a second chance on the lighter color. Personally I like the lighter color better but will still pass since I already have a Premiere LE. You have until January 3rd to check it out.

I’m extremely behind in my reading but here are some recent links I did get to and found interesting.

The Pen Addict feeds my Sheaffer obsession by finding this Sheaffer 300 review at My Pen Needs Ink.

Inkdependence is giving away two notebooks.

More Sheaffer – this time Inkophile looks at the Sheaffer Taranis.

Gourmet Pens has a short video showing the Waterman Music nib in action.

Ink Reviews

The Well-Appointed Desk has the 12 days of Inkmas

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  1. Thanks for the link love, you’re braver than me to claim a moratorium on pen purchases then start surfing over at Amazon! Merry Christmas

    • Hi Bob,
      I’m not sure brave is the word. Since that moratorium pretty much fell apart faster than I could say the word.


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