Sunday Notes and Links

Three recent additions to the accumulation.

The picture above shows my three more recent acquisitions. I just inked all three and can’t wait to use them. So with these three, my total inked pens is back up to 15 but at least there has been some turnover. For the first time in recent memory none of the inked pens are vintage. Seems like I’ve always has a vintage pen or two (or six) inked since I discovered them last March.

The pen on the left (in the picture) isn’t 100% Sheaffer, the barrel was made by Franklin-Christoph, but I consider it one. So between those (the third in the photo is a non-vintage Balance) and a VFM on the way I’m up to 19 Sheaffers in the accumulation. Thinking back, I wasn’t really impressed when I tried my first Sheaffer fountain pen just over 9 years ago and I ignored the brand until this year. Now it’s my most accumulated brand.

The One Pen is a new pen blog that’s started off with a Pilot Metropolitan review, a Sailor Sapparo review, a TWSBI Mini review and more.

Write to Me Often shows off her Lamy Safari collection and a Sailor King of Pen Emporer Crown fountain pen.

Ed Jelly reviews the Doane Paper Flap Jotter, a notebook I’ve used nearly every day for the past couple of years.

M 800 Tortoise Shell at Canetas e Coisas

There’s a vintage Eversharp holiday advertisement at Fountain Pen Restoration

Gourmet Pens has a Sheaffer Taranis review. I still haven’t decided if I like the look of this pen or not. Today I’m on the “not” side.

There’s a overview of the “Word. The Standard Memorandum” at East…West…Everywhere. I picked up one of these to use as a work journal to record highlights during the year so my memory isn’t so taxed during year-end reviews. I didn’t find the paper to be fountain pen friendly during my testing. No problem, I need something for those Retro 51 rollerballs to be used for.

The Daily Acquisition reviews the Pilot Decimo, a capless sibling of the Vanishing Point

Field Notes Pitch Black is reviewed at Ink on Hand

Dannyboy Writes discusses Fountain Pens and Inks, Part 1. He shares the root cause of my early dislike of blue inks “…blue was the default color of ballpoint pens.” He’s gotten beyond that and appreciates blue. I’m still working on it.

Pilot Custom Enju photos and information from KMPN

The Philadelphia Pen Show will kick of the 2014 Pen Show season Jan 17-19th. Philly is just within range of a day trip for me so I might attend but most likely Long Island will be my first show.

Ink Reviews

Kaweco Sepia Brown at

Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-Budo (Crimson Glory Vine) at The Pen Habit (via The Pen Addict)

2 thoughts on “Sunday Notes and Links

  1. Man oh man, what color is that Sheaffer Balance? That is crazy nice looking! It looks kind of like the Levenger Kyoto (a pen I LOVE the look of) but so much nicer! How does it perform? That sucker is going on my “Grail” pen list for sure.

    • Hi Mike. The pen is gorgeous, especially in bright light. It’s a “vivid pearlized blue, gold and brown marbled resin” as described at which has a lot of info and pictures on the pen. It’s a modern pen (1999) and a c/c.

      My own pen seems to be one of the ones with the skipping problem which that article says was reported with pens in the early run. The pen is pristine and I don’t trust myself to attempt even a simple repair. I already emailed Mike Masuyama and he says he can probably fix it. So I’ll be sending it off to him when he returns from Japan later in January. The pen writes great for a page or so then slowly begins to dry up and skip until eventually it’s unusable. If I saturate the feed it’s good again.

      I still can’t bring myself to empty it out, it’s too much fun to write with, even needing to manually saturate the feed every page or two.


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