Inked Up – December 30, 2013

I can’t really call this “This Week’s Ink” any more since at 15 pens it’ll take me well over a week before I need to call for replacements. I was at 15 pens back in late November, but there’s been considerable turnover, I just can’t seem to say no to a new pen when it wants to be inked.

There’s not a vintage pen to be found in the bunch which surprised me when I noticed. The list is dominated (well, just over 1/2) by recent additions to my accumulation. What’s left are the pens that have become standard work horses and a couple I inked up to share with non-FP people.

The Sheaffer Balance II Aspen just arrived and I inked it up Saturday, I used it extensively after writing this list and taking the photos. I seem to have gotten one that’s plagued with skipping (a complaint with the early run of this pen). After draining the Scabiosa (even with the skipping I wanted to use all the ink) I flushed it and thoroughly cleaned it (not that it didn’t seem pristine when I got it) then filled it with Waterman Florida Blue. Same problem. It’s a lovely pen and writes great right up until the feed dries out. Definitely something that will be worth fixing.

The Sheaffer “Custom” Legacy is a mash up of a Sheaffer nib unit & section and a Franklin-Christoph made fleck blue barrel. The Pelikan 101N Lizard is another gorgeous pen with subtle details.

I’ve still seeing them with rose colored glasses since they’re so new, but I venture to say these are among the best looking pens in my accumulation. In the top 5 if not the top 3 themselves. Only my Marine Green Sheaffer Balance comes to mind as a pen that can rival them. The Edison Menlo is close but I think the vibrancy and detail in these pens outshines it. Pictures don’t do them justice.

I’ll rotate the pens in and out of my daily carry except for the Sheaffer Balance II Aspen and the F-C Model 66 which won’t leave the house.

15 pens inked for the year ahead

This is where I usually list the pens, nibs and ink with links to any reviews I’ve done. In the interest of time I’m skipping that this time. The pens are listed below in the same order they’re pictured (left to right), except for the Kawecos which are below the tray. For the few pens that have reviews you can find them on my accumulation page and any ink reviews on the ink notes page.

Writing samples for the inked pens

2 thoughts on “Inked Up – December 30, 2013

  1. Wow, that’s a big rotation. I’m down to 6 in daily rotation and have to work to keep those exercised. I really need to write more. Thanks for the share, some really beautiful sticks you have.

    • Hi Bob. Fifteen is too many for me. I just couldn’t say no to inking the new pens. I will probably be dumping a bunch of ink in a month or so. Six to ten is a good number for me. The three Kawecos and Model 66 will probably always be inked for specific purposes. Then another 6 or so because my pen case has 6 slots and I hate for them to go empty. But I do have a hard time using them all. But I did spend one night writing about a dozen pages by simply copying a pen article from the web as an excuse to write something.


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