This Just In: TWSBI Classic

I just received my TWSBI Classic today and wanted to post my early impressions. Really early, I’ve only had the pen a couple hours.

In the interest of time the photos are from my phone and it’s a picture of my article draft written with the pen. I usually don’t inflict my writing on you, especially since sometimes the words in my head appear differently on paper.

It’s a thinner TWSBI than usual, there’s a comparison photo in the gallery. So here’s the initial impressions and a camera phone gallery (double-click the photos for full size).

For some reason I want to call this the “Mini”, a pen I do not have. Hopefully I caught the only slip.

While I say the ink is Diamine Ancient Copper. It’s not. That was my plan but I picked up Diamine Oxblood instead. Long day, didn’t notice until the post went up and I was proofing it.

Write-up of first impressions
Diamine Oxblood ink. Not Diamine Ancient Copper like it claims to be,

5 thoughts on “This Just In: TWSBI Classic

  1. Thanks for the early review, and I appreciate the promptness with which you posted your thoughts. I am always curious about the newest TWSBI. Hope you are enjoying the holidays. =)

    • KP, I figured people might be interested and a real review is far off, if at all. I like the look of this one more than all the other TWSBI so got it in a moment of weakness. Normally I wait to see if there were any issues. Holidays have been good, hope they’re the same for you.


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  3. Appreciate the early preview. I have this one in my wish list but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. So many other brands I want to try and I’m heavy on TWSBI’s at the moment. Hope it works out for you to much enjoyment

    • Thanks Bob. I’m not a huge fan of TWSBI pens beyond the Vac 700 which is the only TWSBI I actually like. I never had the problems others experienced with the 540 but also never really enjoyed using them (can’t argue that they are a good value tho’). The Classic is one I like so far and think I will continue to like it.


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