Obligatory Year End Post

15 pens inked for the year ahead
Fountain Pens inked up at year end

It’s been a good year at the Fountain Pen Quest.

Readership has grown in no small part to some steady links from Brad Dowdy, The Pen Addict and half the team at Nockco. The Pen Addict sent me over 9,000 referrals during the year. Thanks Brad! I risk insulting people by going deeper into thanking those who linked to Fountain Pen Quest, but Ana at The Well-Appointed desk referred over 1,000 viewers so deserves a public thanks in my opinion. Thanks Ana! And thanks to all the other bloggers who linked to this site.

And thanks to all you readers! As a thank you I’ll have a grab bag going up at noon eastern US time on January 1st. Four readers will get the grab bags on a first to claim basis so they’ll hopefully go the regular readers and subscribers.

A Year for Firsts

The year saw a few firsts in my fountain pen life. Long Island was my first pen show in March. I also attended the DC show in August a came home with quit a haul.

The Long Island Pen Show was where I acquired my first vintage fountain pen, an Esterbrook from Anderson Pens. At last count I have seven working Esterbrooks and 28 different nibs. I’ve accumulated 26 vintage pens, not including unusable pens bought for parts or practice and not yet repaired Speaking of firsts, two of the Esterbrooks were my first fountain pen re-sacs. I can be obsessive.

The home page and archives received the most hits, but individually the top 5 articles of the year, based on views, were…

1. Review: Sailor Pro Gear Imperial Black

Some readers have mentioned discoloration on their Sailor Pro Gear caps upon arrival. Mine is still like new and number three on my Modern Favorites List.

Sailor Pro Gear Imperial Black

2. Review: TWSBI Vac 700

I still like this pen. The Vac filler needed some minor maintenance but the pen has held up well despite the frequent fills and nib changes as my ink tester.

TWSI Vac 700
Disassembled with the TWSBI wrench and silicon grease.

3. Favorite 5: Modern Pens

This list is still valid as the year ends. But some recent additions may knock one or two off the list.

Edison Menlo Pump Filler

4. Pen Review: Cross Bailey “Gift” Fountain Pen

Photo of the Cross Bailey packaging
Cross Bailey packaging

This was actually posted in 2012, just after Christmas, but was popular this year. It’s not a pen I’ve used much since the year began. I really should give it more respect, it’s a good pen.

5. Ink Notes: Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu-syogun

Still number two on my favorite inks list. Although as I look over my pens currently inked it’s absent. Something I’ll need to remedy as soon as possible.

Irosjizuku Fuyu-syogun ink bottle

Plans For 2014

I received a lot of new pens at year end so I’ll be spending the first part of the year getting to know them. I’ve also got a lot of Esterbrook nibs that haven’t seen nearly enough use. This will keep me busy for at least the first half of the year. So there will be a buying hiatus unless I’m at a pen show or it’s an Esterbrook nib I don’t have, at least for the first six months. This will be made easier by the depleted pen fund that needs to be refreshed. No crying on my part though, I’ve got plenty to explore.

Barring completely unforeseen events I’ll be at the Long Island Pen this year. It’s the show closest to me and an easy day trip. I’d like to get to the D.C. show again but that requires more planning due to the travel and required overnight stay. But by then I should be ready to get some more vintage pens. Boston is close enough but being a downtown show it’s more of a hassle (and more expensive) to get to.

I’ve become obsessed with Sheaffer’s. If I’m able to concentrate my accumulation in 2014 it will probably be this brand. But I’m not taking any bets on whether or not I can actually focus. I do want to thin out my accumulation, especially the lesser used pens. The previously mentioned give away will start things off tomorrow

Happy New Year


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