Sunday Notes and Links

The New Year’s Day grab bags were sent out Saturday. I was happy with the way things turned out. WordPress put the scheduled post up on time and the winners were subscribers to the blog (at least I assume they are since the entries came in so fast. Plus I was able to remove the form before a fifth entry came in and I had to tell someone they lost.

As for the TWSBI 540 (and siblings) vs. the Lamy Safari (and siblings) poll the TWSBI 540 and “both” tied for popularity with 16 votes each. The Lamy Safari had 7 votes.

While Connecticut winter can get cold I’ve never had frozen ink until now, maybe I was lucky or didn’t order ink in winter. This week some ink stayed in the mailbox overnight. I wasn’t even thinking about freezing when I opened it about an hour after bringing it in, but there was still some frozen ink in there. So I asked about it on the FPGeeks forum. Assuming the bottle didn’t break the consensus was to keep it unopened until it thawed and then it should be OK. And to pay better attention to the weather forecast.

The record colds that froze my ink was also fodder for the press. The local paper offered this along with other advice for dealing with the cold.

Some advice for dealing with the cold

Translation: It’s time for me to move to Florida.

Most of these sites had multiple articles that I found to be interesting reads, so be sure to browse the sites.

A new pen blog, The Daily Carry, kicks off with An Accidental Review of the Nock Co. Brasstown

I use card stock cut to fit baseball card protectorsheets in a three ring binder for my swabs. But I like this idea from the pen addict. I may try the same concept for nib writing samples.

Camlin No:47 Piston Filler Fountain Pen at Write To Me Often

Kaweco ART Sport Fountain Pen – Alabaster Finish at The Clicky Post which also brings news that these hard to find (at least in the US) pens may be going away

The Pilot Kakuno gets a photo post at KMPN and a review at My Pen Needs Ink

2013 The Pen year in Review – Anderson Pens. It was a good year, based on vintage pens acquired.

Ultramarine Sheaffer Intensity Fountain Pen is reviewed at Inkdependance

TWSBI Vac 700 reviewed at That One Pen

Lamy Pur Fountain Pen at No Pen Intended

Simply Red: A Review of the Franklin-Christoph M27 SE at A Fool With A Pen

Fountain Pens and Inks, Part 2 at DannyBoy Writes

Pen Review: Namiki (Pilot) Falcon Acrylic at The Pen Habit

Ink P0rn: Beautiful ink bottles at These Beautiful Pens

Tale of a Vandal Notebook User: Going Indie, Part 3 #Chronodex at Peaceable Writer. I somehow missed this when it came through my feed but luckily The Pen Addict caught it.

Ink Reviews

Diamine Eau de Nil at Pens! Paper! Pencil!

Pelikan Edelstein Topaz at The Pen Habit

Diamine Ancient Copper at The Unroyal Warrant

Diamine Ancient Copper at Pens! Paper! Pencils!

Diamine Registrar’s Ink at