This Week’s Favorite

Sheaffer Custom Legacy and R&K Salix ink

It was time to flush out the Sheaffer Custom Legacy with R&K Salix today. The pen went dry just as I hit the two week limit I have for Iron Gall inks. This is the pen I kept reaching for this past week and it was a clear favorite.

The ink is a little slow to dry so I had a couple smudges in my work notes, but nothing too bad. Once dry the iron gall based ink is water proof.

The extra fine nib does resemble a nail but it is smooth and problem free. It puts down a consistent line with a light touch. The inlaid nib retains ink so it’s slow to evaporate, allowing longer pauses while writing. A trait I value when taking notes at work.

The pen has an aerometric (squeeze) converter which held enough ink for a week of light use and a second week of heavier use.

As I look to thin my accumulation I’m evaluating each pen I use to determine if it’s a keeper or not. This is a clear keeper based on both looks and performance.

Writing sample of the pen and ink
Writing Sample

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    • Hi Mauricio,

      Franklin Christoph did make the barrel as part of a project which involved a couple dozen barrels of different material. I saw it available in their “Stock Room” section which has prototypes, discontinued and other limited availability pens. So custom, but not for me.

      Thanks for reading,

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