This Week’s Ink: January 13, 2014

I flushed several pens but inked up a even more so I’ve still got 15 pens inked. With four pens always inked I’m less concerned with having specific ink colors in my weekly carry. So I’ll focus on a good mix of pens for the six available slots in the case.

I’m obviously in a Sheaffer mood and haven’t had a vintage pen inked in a while. So I started with a vintage Sheaffer. Since I couldn’t decide on one I’ll go through them alphabetically as they appear in my Evernote notebook inventory. So it’s the Sheaffer Balance Full Size in Carmine Red with a fine nib. A vintage pen deserves Bordeaux so the ink choice was easy.

My newest pen, the Platinum 3776 Ribbed, arrived last week so it’s ultra fine nib needs to be inked up. Continuing a recent practice its first ink is the cartridge that came with the pen.

I want to keep working through my Esterbrook nibs and the next number is #1461. It gets Iroshizuku Fuyu-syogun which is one of my favorites.

The Pelikan Lizard and Sheaffer Intensity are holdovers from my previously inked pens.

The Pens

Pens inked for the week ahead

Pelikan M101N Lizard (extra fine) – Sailor Kiwa Guro Nano Black // Sheaffer Balance Fill Size (fine) – Montblanc Bordeaux // Sheaffer Intensity (fine) – Sheaffer Black cartridge // Esterbrook Dollar (#1461 rigid fine) – Iroshizuku Fuyu-syogun // Platinum 3776 Ribbed (UEF) – Platinum Black cartridge

Writing Sample

Writing samples of this week's ink

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