This Week’s Ink: February 17, 2014

Just when I thought I was reducing the number of inked up pens I got back five that I had sent out for work returned. Naturally I had to ink them up. So the first five pens in the list just came back from Mike Masuyama, some for nib grinds, some for adjustment. I’ll write about them later in the week. And yes, I really need to take the word “week” out of these posts, but habits are hard to break.

So, I’m up to 15 pens inked up. The four always inked, plus the 11 below. The writing samples are in the same order as they are pictured in the tray. Although I did notice that one of the pens pictured in the tray isn’t a fountain pen. Oops. Those Retro 51’s look alike but the writing sample is the fountain pen.

Pens inked for the week (and more) ahead

Writing Samples

Writing sample for this week's ink

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