Nib Notes: Esterbrook #1551 Firm Medium School Nib

Next up for my Esterbrook nibs is the Esterbrook #1551 nib. The Esterbrook 1551 is referred to as a “Firm Med. School” and “Student” nib on the box. It’s typically just referred to as a firm medium. I’ve seen references to it being for general school and clerical use.

The sampled nib was offered as new old stock (NOS) and while the box is well worn, with a missing flap, the nib itself does seem to be NOS. I have a second one that came on a pen, it’s slightly less smooth but otherwise comparable to this one.

This is a fairly common nib, although I have only two. NOS versions of the Esterbrook #1551 lists for about $10 on eBay. Anderson Pens lists then for $8 but they are currently out of stock.

This is another one of Esterbrook’s DuroChrome nibs, made by folding the steel into a ball, so no tipping material.

It’s a pretty straight-forward medium nib. This sample is remarkably smooth so it really was just the box that took the wear-and-tear. It’s got good flow, without any skipping or hard starts. The pen sat for about four days between uses and started right away

Writing Sample

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writing sample of Esterbrook #1551 nib