Nib Notes: Esterbrook 1554 Firm Fine

photo of the Esterbrook #1554 nib

Next on the Esterbrook nib parade is the Esterbrook #1554 Firm Fine nib. Like the earlier 15xx nibs it’s a common, low cost nib. It’s $6 from Anderson Pens and about $10 on eBay. The nib is labeled both “Firm Fine” and “Clerical” on the box.

This particular nib is one of two #1554 nibs that I have and is new old stock (NOS) in a well-worn box. The second nib arrived on a pen and the performance is comparable to this one. Esterbrook refers to this nib as a “DuroCrome” nib like the other 1xxx series nibs,  The metal at the end is rolled into a ball to make the tip, there’s no tipping material.

The nib is fairly smooth but there is some feedback. It’s also rougher to write with on paper that has some texture (or fiber). The thin nib tends to dig in, even with a light touch. The ink flow.

The flow is good and it puts down a consistent line that’s true to the size of the nib. The nib is true to its “firm” name and exhibits the properties of a nail, which I like.

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