Sunday Notes and Links

It looks like I’ll be able to compile the weekly links on a regular basis, so I’m back to notes & links.

In good news, my Nock Co. cases arrived. Boy, I have a lot of cases. The quality is great making them a great value. They have almost all (maybe all by now) their Kickstarter cases shipped so I imagine their store will be opening soon.

photo of the Nock Co. cases

I did attend the Long Island Pen Show but it ended up be a quick visit in the afternoon and I left without adding anything to my accumulation. That wasn’t the fault of the show, in fact exactly the opposite. A lot to choose from and too little time to decide. For a nice overview of the show read Ed Jelley’s LI Pen Show recap. Or listen to him talk about it on the Pen Addict Podcast.

My inked pens haven’t changed much. I wrote both the Pelikan Lizard and Esterbrook dry and I’ve yet to replace either of them, so I’m down to eight inked pens. Well, nine actually, with the ninth being a new one I’m using as I write a review of it.

And now for the links…

Zeller Writing Company has a new Kickstarter up for some notebooks, called Furrow Books. There’s just over a month left in the campaign. The creator’s comments include reports of bleed through so they may not be best for wetter fountain pens. Still, they seem worth a look.

The Unroyal Warrant shows off the Nakaya Desk Pen Stand and tried various pens in it.

Speaking of Nakaya, Ed Jelley reviews the Nakaya Neo Standard.

Pens! Paper! Pencil! reviews the Noodler’s Konrad.

My Pen Needs ink writes about Pilot pens and ordering from John Mottishaw. While we picked different nibs both of us got our Pilot 823s from because of the quality and experience.

A Fool With A Pen reviews the Kaweco Special fountain pen.

The Pen Habit has a video highlighting his top 5 pens of the year.

USA Today talks about hand written thank you notes. (Warning – auto play video)

Ink Reviews

Pens! Paper! Pencil! reviews De Atramentis Archive ink.

Inkdependence reviews the Franklin-Christoph Piper Black cartridge.

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