Look Out! There’s a New Podcast In Town

A recent Pen Addict podcast mentioned a new podcast had appeared on the scene. it wasn’t fountain pen (or even pen) related. While I usually enjoy non-fountain pen discussions on the Pen Addict I’m not drawn to try anything out  So I figured I was safe when I listened to the Erasable Podcast. it was dedicated to wooden pencils and my last memory of using them was of #2 pencils to fill in ovals while taking a test. Not exactly exiting, so I figured I was safe.

I was wrong. Unfortunately what I find interesting about fountain pens (and other tech with a long history) is evident in wooden pencils. According to Wikipedia, wood case pencils date to about 1560 and technology developed in the late 1700s is still used to make the pencil lead (or actually a granite/clay mixture, not lead). My type of technology.

I was hooked. I listened to the podcast while on a drive home and decided to stop into the local Staples. True to my compulsive nature I left with the following…

Photo of my first pencil purchases

Not exactly every wood case pencil they had, but close. There is one benefit to pencils – this batch, plus a sharpener and a large Dunkin’ Donuts coffee all cost less than a bottle of Iroshizuku that’s on sale.

The pencils available were mostly Ticonderoga so I got one pack of every grade available along with the Staples house brand. The black Staedtler Noricas were in a $5 bin and looked sharp. Even though 36 pencils was far more than I ever expect to use I picked up a pack.

I’m using one of the Staedtlers to write the draft of this article. It’s not a fountain pen but there does seem to be an obsession brewing. I recommend the podcast, but you’ve been warned.

2 thoughts on “Look Out! There’s a New Podcast In Town

  1. Hi, Ray! Gosh, sorry I missed this post until now, and thank you for sharing the love! I hope you like your pencils! Those Noricas are pretty great.

    If you want to brew your obsession even further, go check out the Palomino Collection Pack on Pencils.com. For $10, you get 9 pencils, including one of each of the Palomino Blackwings. The difference between these and those Staples-brand pencils will be like the difference between a Bic Click and a fancy Visconti pen. 😀

    Thanks for listening!

    • Andy, thanks fop the tip on the sample pack. I just ordered it. I’m still enjoying the podcast, the latest episode just arrived in my feed today so looking forward to listening tonight.


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