Sunday Notes and Links

The release of the latest Field Notes seasonal edition was probably the most written about pen related topic this past week. The Shelterwood edition is a clear tech success story. But it seems the more effort they put into the cover design the less I like them as actual notebooks. The Cold Horizon remains my least favorite edition. I did keep one but gave the rest away. The jury is still out on the Shelterwood but it is redeemed slightly by the paper.
While a technical marvel and cool at first glance, I’m not a fan of the wood grain cover. Add to that its inability to stay close and it’s very annoying. But there’s no denying it’s popularity. The video is worth watching. In-depth reviews are at Unroyal Warrant and
Some links I found interesting…
An Inkophile’s Blog returns to Fountain Pens and Moleskine notebooks.
No Pen Intended also returns to fountain pens and Moleskine, this time with the Dotted Pocket Notebook.
Pentorium has a Collective Review of the Lamy Dialog Series.
Goodwriters Pens has another look at the Swan SF1.
A Fool with A Pen writes about The rewards of using vintage fountain pens.
That One Pen writes about the Parker Vacumatic, one of my first vintage pens.
Pens! Paper! Pencils! reviews my favorite pocket notebook, Doane Paper Grids+Lines. Since Doane Paper doesn’t shop outside the US he’s giving one away to a non-US resident. Read the article by Apr 3rd for the giveaway.
Inkdependence! looks at the Wahl-Eversharp Skyliner 50.
Edison Pens has a video showing how the Menlo Pump Filler is made.

Ink Reviews

J. Herbin Rose Cyclamen at The Well-Appointed Desk
Noodler’s 54th Massachusetts at At Fool with a Pen
Kaweco Blue-Black at Pen Paper Ink Letter
Roher & Klingner Verdigris at Pens! Paper! Pencils!
P.W. Akkerman Voorhout Violet at Write to Me Often
Noodler’s Habanero at a Penchant for Paper


There’s a few Giveaways going on…
Pen Chalet is giving away a $50 and a $25 gift card.
Anderson Pens is approaching their 100th podcast episode. where there will be some giveaways. You’ll need to write to them before the episode and be on the chat for their 100th. The details are early in this week’s podcast or in this post.