Nib Notes: Esterbrook #2314-M Relief Medium Stub

Photo of the Esterbrook 2314M nib on a pen

Next up on my Esterbrook nib list is the Esterbrook #2314M. I don’t have a #1555, #2284 or a #2312 and I already looked at the Esterbrook #2314-F. So that brings me to the Esterbrook 2314M Relief Medium Stub.
My particular Esterbrook 2314M arrived without a box or a pen. There were some signs of use but it appeared to be in good shape. The nib is referred to as a “Relief Medium Stub” or just a “Medium Stub”. Like other nibs in the 2xxx series there’s no tipping material.
My particular nib is a little rough. If I use smooth paper and keep the nib at a proper angle it’s pretty smooth, but a slight variation would cause the nib to stab the paper. Not bad for a 50 year old nib. A closer look at the nib showed a slight mis-alignment of the tines. Things improved after they were aligned although the nib is not buttery smooth, there is still some tooth to the nib.
I was surprised at the difference in line size between this nib and it’s 2314F sibling as shown in the comparison done on the writing sample. Even though things improved after the tines were aligned the nib still had a small sweet spot to get the best performance.
My personal preference is for the thinner Esterbrook #2314-F so the Esterbrook 2314-M probably won’t get much use. In fact, I decided to flush it out as I was cleaning other pens rather than wait until I write it dry.
My nib may not be the best representation of this nib, especially when compared to a new old stock (NOS) example. But it’s not a nib that I’d use very often even if medium nibs were my preference.
The Esterbrook #2314-M is $25 from Anderson Pens and is listed as in stock. There’s currently a couple eBay listings with Buy It Now prices of about $38.

No box photos this time since  don’t have one.

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