Nib Notes: Esterbrook #2442 Fine Stub

Esterbrook #2442 nib

I first wrote about the Esterbrook #2442 Fine Stub nib back in July 2013 when it was one of seven Esterbrook nibs inked up at the time. Things have changed a bit since then but it’s still an enjoyable nib. If anything, it’s become more enjoyable to use.
I previously had issues getting the writing angle just right. Maybe I’m more used to stub nibs now but I haven’t had any problems. Yes, if I get careless I can encounter skips but that usually when I’m reaching around a computer or cup of coffee to jot a quick note. Contrary to my earlier experience, the nib wrote on all the papers I used without any skipping or hard starts. It’s become common for me to empty the pen once I’m done experimenting with the nib and I’ve written the nib notes. In this case I’ll kept the ink in the pen and will write it dry.
I’d also previously thought that the term “falcon” referred to the type of stub. After more research I’ve concluded the term falcon refers to the overall nib design which is based on the older Esterbrook dip pens and not the grind of the nib. (Although there’s plenty of contradictory info in the internet.) The #2442 is also listed as “backhand writing” which means for lefties. The #2442 nib is a left oblique stub cut at an angle similar to the toes on a left foot. Like other 2xxx series nibs, it’s a steel nib without any tipping material. To get the most variation the nib has to be rotated a bit due to this angle, at least us righties need to rotate it.
The nib is currently in stock at Anderson Pens for $25 and available from several eBay sellers with BIN prices starting at $18.
This nib is one of my favorite Esterbrooks, make that favorite of any nib. Despite my earlier problems, this time around the nib has been smooth and reliable. The 2314-F is still my preference as it puts down a slightly thinner line, at least with the nibs I have.
Some additional information from the Fountain Pens of Esterbrook book by Paul Hoban.

side view of the Esterbrook 2442 fine stub
  • The 2442 nib is based upon the earlier 442 steel pen nib with was called a “Jackson Stub”. The book calls the 2442 a Falcon Stub.
  • It was one of 12 nib styles available for the Dollar pen in 1935 and cost 25 cents.
  • Based on my nib’s feed and the references in the book my particular nib was made in 1950, or later.

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