Sunday Notes and Links

Emerald Green Franklin-Christoph Model 25 Intrinsic Fountain Pen

Brad and Myke maligned my emerald green Franklin-Christoph Model 02 on the last Pen Addict podcast so I had to give it some love. It’s been inked (and re-inked) since April.
Speaking of inked pens, my 13 inked pens back on the 1st has dropped to just six. Three of the Esterbrooks with iron gall inks were flushed since I have a two week limit with iron gall inks, but the other four pens were written dry.
Letter Request: Massimo Vignelli, a world famous designer, is extremely ill and it has been requested that those he’s influenced or inspired write him a letter…

According to Pentagram partner Michael Bierut, “Luca [Massimo’s son] said that Massimo would be thrilled to get notes of good wishes from people whom he’s touched or influenced – whether personally or remotely – over the years. Luca has visions of huge mail bags full of letters. I know that one of Massimo’s biggest fantasies has been to attend his own funeral. This will be the next best thing. Pass the word.”
Please send your notes, letters, cards etc to:
Massimo Vignelli
130 East 67 Street
New York, New York 10021

Links I Found Interesting…
Totally off-topic but cool – The commencement speaker for the UCONN School of Engineering graduate was deliver from the ISS by astronaut Rick Mastracchio, a UCONN graduate himself.
Now back on topic…
The Well-Appointed Desk reviews Field Notes: Shelterwood Edition. I’ve been using a couple of these. Love the paper, hate the cover.
Write to Me Often shows us the Lamy Safari 2014 Neon Coral
You can never have too many Kaweco Sport review so check out Keeping it real: A review of the Kaweco Classic Sport from A Fool With A pen
So I picked up a broad……..nib From the Pen Cup
Palimpsest tells us about Waterman Red Ink of old
A Penchant for Paper has a Red and Orange Pen Comparison
I like and use Diamine ink cartridges but it took The Daily Acquisition to tell me about Diamine Ink Cartridges (Sample Box)
Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen Followup Review / Photo Post at
Pen Review: FPR Dilli at The Pen Habit
Parker 61 photos at canetas e coisas
Giveaway: The Clicky Post is a year old (on Monday) (Congratulations!) and celebrating with a giveaway of one of his handmade pen stands – The Display. You have until Friday to enter. I reviewed my Groove here and no doubt The Display is just as well made.

Ink Reviews

Ink Review: Pilot Iroshizuku Ama Iro at The Well-Appointed Desk
Franklin-Christoph Syrah Syrah at The Gentleman Stationer
A Fool with a Pen reviews my favorite ink that I never use – Diamine Syrah
Sailor Jentle Miruai at Inklode
Pilot Blue-Black at Inkdependence

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