Ink Notes: Rohrer & Klingner Salix

Rohrer & Klingner Salix bottle

I’ve been on a bit of an iron gall ink recently, using it in several pens so far this month. I reviewed Rohrer & Klingner’s other iron gall ink, Scabiosa, last week. I’m not a fan of blue inks but Salix has proven to be an exception.
Iron gall inks bond with the paper as they dry so they’re considered archival and they’re also waterproof. After drying about a day a little of the dye washed off but it was very minimal and the writing was still easy to read. The downside is that iron gall tends to corrode metal over time. So it’s not an ink to be left sitting in a pen for weeks on end. I tend to set a two week limit but will go longer if the pen is used regularly, meaning almost every day.
R & K Salix goes onto the paper as a true blue, especially in a wet nib, and darkens as it dries. When dry it leans towards being a blue-black which is more to my liking. I also enjoy the effect of writing a full page and seeing some color variation between the top of the page and the bottom.
I didn’t experience any feathering or bleed-through, even on cheap copy paper. There was show through especially with thinner paper or wetter nibs.
I had significantly fewer smudging problems with Salix than I did with Scabiosa. Drying time is reasonable although I wouldn’t call it fast. Dry times between Doane and Rhodia were comparable rather than the expected longer times with Rhodia.
Rohrer & Klingner Salix is a blue ink I like and it will be a frequent ink in my pens.

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