Review: Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic

Franklin0Christoph Model 02 with Iroshizuku Sy-ro

I’m a fan of Franklin-Christoph fountain pens proven by my accumulated six F-C pens. I added this Franklin Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic in Emerald Green to my accumulation in late 2012. I love the Franklin-Christoph design aesthetic which is simple, clean and classy. I liked the look of this pen so much that it’s picture became one of the rotating header images for this website.
Franklin-Christoph changed the design of the Model 02 in late 2013 so this is a review of the original design. I did recently get one of the new Model 02s and will review that pen next week for a comparison. Franklin-Christoph describes the changes as …

In comparison to the original 02, this pen is very slightly thicker and longer, has a subtle taper in the cap, and a larger grip section. Our well known block threads are also placed at the end of the grip section for writing comfort.

Why I Got It

The Emerald Green pen caught my eye immediately. Green is my favorite color and the tapered Model 02 wears the color well.
I also got it with a Mike Masuyama nib grind which is hard to resist with any F-C pen, although I ended up replacing the original nib with a different grind.

What I Got

Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic Emerald Green

When ordering a Franklin-Christoph fountain pen it’s tough to skip the Mike Masuyama nib option since the price bump is barely noticeable. So I ordered my pen with the medium cursive italic Mike Masuyama nib which was a new nib type for me.
The medium italic wasn’t suitable for my everyday writing which is how I used the pen. So I picked up a medium stub (also a Mike Masuyama grind) at the 2013 Washington DC pen show. This review is based on that stub nib.
Like every Franklin-Christoph nib, both nibs were smooth and aligned right out of the box.
I use the pen unposted but the cap does post deeply so it’s secure without adding much length to the pen. The pen is light, posted or not, and is still well balanced when posted.
The silver clip isn’t spring loaded but slips easily over the cloth of my pocket or pen case. The clip has the Franklin-Christoph four diamonds engraved into it but is an otherwise plain clip. The steel nib is silver with the Franklin-Christoph “F” logo engraved on it. I prefer silver nibs over gold or two-tone so it’s perfect. 18K nib are available for an extra $90.
“Franklin-Christoph 02” is engraved around the cap and the cap finial has the Franklin-Christoph “F” logo engraved into it. Usually this much branding turns me off but the engravings are done into the acrylic so they are the same color and don’t draw attention to themselves.
The emerald green acrylic is slightly translucent. I don’t like seeing the converter or cartridge in the pen but unless I shine a bright light through the pen the converter is unnoticed. The acrylic is darker where the pen is wider which helps mask the converter. If I open the pen and shine a light into the barrel there’s no shading, but since I don’t use the pen that way I instead see some nice shading.
The pen could be used as an eye drop filler but I haven’t tried that with this pen. The ink level should be noticeable but the ink color wouldn’t be noticeable and would probably ruin the shading. My new Model 02 is being used as a eye dropper so I’ll discuss it in next week’s review.
As an added bonus the pen fits in the smaller 1/2″ holes of my Dudek Groove pen holder without actually having to be a thin pen.

The Numbers

  • Length Capped:  5.610″  (142.29 mm)
  • Length Uncapped:  4.9620 ”  (126.03 mm)
  • Length Posted:  5.5520″  (141.02 mm)
  • Section Length:  0.6575″  (16.70 mm)
  • Section Diameter (near nib):  0.4335″  (11.01 mm)
  • Section Diameter (below threads):  0.4545″  (11.54 mm)
  • Section Diameter (mid-section):  0.3925″  (9.97 mm)
  • Cap Diameter:  0.5960″  (15.14 mm)
  • Barrel Diameter:  0.5320″  (13.51 mm)  after taper: 0.4155″  (10.56 mm)
  • Weight:  0.6 oz  (18 g)
  • Weight (body only):  0.4 oz  (12 g)

Writing With The Pen

Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic Emerald Green uncapped

The cap comes off with just under one complete turn of the cap, I’ve stuck with bottled ink in the converter but international cartridges can be used.
The threads are above the section (unlike the newer revised version). My thumb does lay across the threads when I’m griping the pen but they aren’t sharp and don’t bother me at all when I’m writing. The pen is plenty log enough for me to use unposted which is my preference.
The medium stub nib is a Mike Masuyama grind so it’s no surprise that it’s a smooth nib. While thin nibs are my preference I’ve grown fond of stub nibs. I prefer my stubs on the thin side and this one is about as good as it gets for me. The nib has some nice line variation to give my writing a little character. A light touch is all that’s needed to get a nice, consistent flow. I haven’t had any skipping or hard starts with the nib.
The pen is comfortable for long writing sessions. Most of the time. If I had to find something to complain about it would be that the section is just a tad too thin for me. I find myself subconsciously griping the section tighter than I need to. It’s a bad habit I fall into with thinner pens. Once I notice I loosen my grip and it’s fine. The section isn’t really too thin but it’s thin enough and  the pen is light enough that I subconsciously grip the pen tighter than I need to.

Cleaning The Pen

Like most cartridge/converter pens the F-C Model 02 is easy to clean. A few flushes with water removes all traces of ink.

Inks Used

The most recent inks, meaning the ones I can remember, include Iroshizuku Syo-ro, Iroshizuku Fuyu-syogun and Diamine Oxblood. All worked well and cleaned easily from the pen. The Syo-ro is the ink currently in the pen and my favorite in this pen.

Wrapping Up

The Franklin-Christoph Model 02 didn’t make my top five modern pens but it’s close. This pen is definitely a keeper. As a precursor to next week’s review I’ll say the revisions make it a better pen, but I’ll save the details until next week.

Additional Reading

While I did find some reviews of the newer Model 02, I couldn’t find any of the older version. If you know of any, or have one yourself and want to comment, please add a comment. Thanks!

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  1. Thanks Ray for a great review. I have never leaped for an FC pen yet. Your review is pushing me to the edge, especially now that I learned I can get the Mike nib. Thanks

    • @mypenneedsink,
      I recommend them wholeheartedly. While I don’t have one, I think the Collegia is the least expensive way to get a Mike Masuyama nib from them at about $85.
      Thanks for reading,

  2. Would it be possible to see a sample of handwriting with this nib. I hear great things about Mike and would like to see the result of his work as well as the line this particular nib leaves. Thank you brthr Shirl.

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