Currently Inked

I’m starting the month with 10 fountain pens inked up. That’s three less than I began May with and, in keeping with the number three, only three pens from May 1st are still inked up. My choices for new inks was based upon what I want to review in June. I thought I was doing good with “only” seven pens inked. But this left me heavy on blacks and Blues. So the last three pens were inked up to add some color. Of course, once I post this I’ll be inking up some Esterbrooks to try a few new nibs.
The Pilot 823 and Franklin-Christoph Model 66, two of the May 1st holdovers, are the pens to beat when I’m picking a pen for a writing session. Thanks to their massive capacity neither went dry but if they had they would both be re-inked right away.
The third holdover, the Maplewood Vanishing Point, has also served me well and is almost dry. The medium nib is nice but too wide and wet for my tastes. But being a Vanishing Point I’ll swap in another nib when it goes dry. This pen has been so nice that I started selling off my other VPs since I know I’ll never use them. When I want one VP it will be this one. Others will only get used when I want more than one.
The Waterman Edson is one of the early additions to my accumulation from back in 2003. It’s time to use it for awhile, review it, and decide if it’s a keeper or not. I don’t particularly like blue and I don’t like gold trim. This one has both, although the gold is certainly more than trim, but I don’t hate it. But it is one reason I haven’t inked it up in over a year.
The rest are pens I haven’t used in awhile and called out to me when I was looking for pens to ink up, or are new (Kaweco AL, F-C Model 03). The new Franklin-Christoph Model 03 was unexpected. I saw the material in the section of the Model 02 Smoke & Ice and knew I needed a pen in that material. The Model 03 was it. The pen arrived late Saturday so it hasn’t gotten much use, but the material didn’t disappoint.
The Model 19 nib is too wide to be my daily writer but the others will provide some nice variety from day to day.

Currently inked pens…

The tray and the writing samples have the pens in the same order. Clicking either image will open it full size for more detail. The paper is the Doane Large Flap Jotter.

Currently inked fountain pens - June 1, 2014

Writing Samples

Writing samples for currently inked fountain pens - June 1, 2014