Sunday Notes and Links

Retro 51 Metalsmith Roosevelt

Retro 51 Metalsmith Roosevelt

The latest addition to my Retro 51 Metalsmith collection is the Roosevelt which is shown above. There’s actually two new ones. This one was a slam-dunk to add. I skipped the “Betsey” for now but I have this compulsion to keep the collection complete. I added the ugly Eisenhower to be a completest, so I figure it is only a matter of time before I add the Betsey. Looks like a good choice for a fourth of July purchase.

Some links I found interesting…

Great Expectations: Visconti Opera Elements/Air | From the Pen Cup

Baoer 8 Running Horses | Fountain of Pens

Turn a Blank Notebook into a Lined Notebook | The Well-Appointed Desk

Pilot Custom Heritage 92 – Thepencilcaseblog

Pilot Custom 743 Falcon Fountain Pen Review | THE UNROYAL WARRANT

Bexley Poseidon Magnum II in Bronze Sands. | Leigh Reyes. My Life As a Verb.

Rotring Surf Fountain Pen Review / Rotring Surf Dolmakalem İncelemesi – Write to Me Often

TWSBI Vac700 Review — The Pen Addict

Pencil Week: Musgrave Pencils — The Gentleman Stationer

Starter Pencil Setups #PencilWeek #Erasable | Pen Paper Ink LetterPen Paper Ink Letter – It’s been pencil week at PPIL so there’s lots of pencil info. I thought this was extremely useful.

Kaweco AL-Sport Stonewashed Fountain Pen Review | FPGeeks

Sheaffer Imperial Sovereign | Goodwriterspens’s Blog


Ink Reviews

It was a ink review heavy week. I only include ink review link per site and several had multiple reviews. So be sure to browse around once you get there.

Montblanc Leonardo Red Chalk ‹ inklode I have and like this ink but had forgotten about. Now I need to decide which pen to put it in.

P.W. Akkerman #8 Diep-Duinwaterblauw Ink Review — The Pen Addict

J. Herbin Rose Cyclamen Meets Kyokuto Expedient Notebook | An Inkophile’s Blog

Parker Quink Black ~ Inkdependence!

Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu-Gaki – Ink Review | Stationary Journey

Kaweco Royal Blue ink review | Pens! Paper! Pencils!

Montblanc Meisterstuck 90 Years Permanent Grey Fountain Pen Ink Review | THE UNROYAL WARRANT // I want this ink, unfortunatetly it becomes even more expensive with shipping.

Ink Review: Sheaffer Skrip Turquoise — The Gentleman Stationer

Grey matters: A short review of Pilot iroshizuku fuyu syogun ink | A fool with a pen // #2 on my top 5 ink list

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