Review: Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic ver2

Franklin-Christoph Model 02 photo

This isn’t a duplicate of last week’s Model 02 review. Franklin-Christoph revised the Model 02 in late 2013 which provided me an excuse to get another one. The Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic in Smoke & Ice is a different design (obviously) and a different nib than my original Model 02 so it really is a new pen.

Why I Got It

I like the Emerald Green Model 02 and would have had a hard time deciding between it and the Smoke & Ice if both had been available back when I got the pen. The Smoke & Ice is a color scheme that looks great as an eyedropper but terrible with a cartridge or converter (at least in my opinion). Curiosity may have killed the cat but it made me want to see the difference between the new and old models. I had no doubt I would love the pen.

What I Got

I got the revised Model 02 in Smoke & Ice with a extra fine steel nib. The “ice” is a frosted clear acrylic which encompassed the pen body and cap. The “smoke” is acrylic in the cap finial and the section. This is a mostly black acrylic with wisps of white and grey in it. It’s a gorgeous material. So much so that I went looking for a pen made of it. But that’s a subject for another review.

Franklin-Christoph Model 02 photo
The Franklin-Christoph Model 02 S&I. Ugly converter visible

The converter is clearly visible in the pen as would be any cartridge. I don’t like to see the cartridges or converters in the pen so this will only be an eyedropper.
Like the original Model 02 the clip has four engraved diamonds, although they are smaller than the original. Like the original “Franklin-Christoph 02” is engraved around the cap and the Franklin-Christoph logo is engraved in the cap finial. The cap finial itself is more tapered than it was on the original.
The revised Model 02 is slightly larger than the original. (Comparison photos are in the gallery) While the change is minor it makes the pen even more comfortable for me. The pen is slightly thicker than the original which is visibly noticeable in the cap. The section is also thicker which is what makes it more comfortable for me. The cap has a subtle taper to it, wider at the top and narrower near the barrel.
The biggest change is that F-C has put their block threads at the nib end of the section so the secure deep in the cap. The original threads never bothered me but now they’re completely out of the way.

The Numbers

  • Length Capped:  5.7080″  (144.98 mm)
  • Length Uncapped:  5.1815″  (131.60 mm)
  • Length Posted:  5.8290″  (148.06 mm)
  • Section Length (excluding threads):  0.6535″  (15.59 mm)
  • Section Diameter (near nib):  0.4555″  (11.57 mm)
  • Section Diameter (below barrel):  0.5115′  (12.99 mm)
  • Section Diameter (mid-section):  0.4475″  (11.36 mm)
  • Cap Diameter:  0.6440″  (16.36 mm)
  • Barrel Diameter (near section):  0.5350″  (13.59 mm)
  • Barrel Diameter (at top, after taper):  0.4385″  (11.13 mm)
  • Weight (empty – no ink or converter):  .6 oz  (16 g)
  • Weight (body only) (empty – no ink or converter):  .2 oz  (6 g)

Writing With The Pen

Franklin-Christoph Model 02 photo

As I mentioned, I hate seeing the converter in the pen so this was immediately converted to an eyedropper. This didn’t go well although I blame myself. I put silicone grease on the threads but apparently not enough. A couple mornings later I woke to find some ink around the block threads. A lot actually. It’s location indicated it leaked from the barrel/section threads and not from the nib. So I cleaned things up and put more silicone grease on the section threads. I also removed the nib unit and put silicone grease on that too just to be safe. The second time was the charm and I haven’t had a problem since.
The cap takes one full turn to remove and the pen’s ready to write. The extra fine nib is a standard nib, not a Mike Masuyama grind but it’s still smooth and problem free. The nib tines are perfectly aligned when viewed through a loupe.
The pen holds a lot of ink as an eyedropper. Almost 4 ml if my syringe and eyes are accurate.
The threads are at the bottom of the section so I don’t touch them at all when I grip the pen normally. Like the original the pen posts deeply and remains well balance, although I don’t post this pen when writing. The pen is light, especially when not posted, and it seems like I can write forever without getting fatigued. In the original Model 02’s review I mentioned I would subconsciously grip the pen tightly since it was just a bit too thin and it was a light pen. I don’t have the problem with the pen. The added section width makes it just right.

Cleaning The Pen

Being a clear pen every drop of ink left behind shows up. I didn’t have any staining problems except for one small drop in the barrel threads. It took a little pen flush and scrubbing to get this small drop out. It was probably left over from the first fill and dried there after the second fill. It wouldn’t have been noticeable when the pen was put together but I saw it and had to remove it. I did have staining problems with my Smoke & Ice Model 40 Pocket which is the same material so I will be careful in my ink choices. The nib unit is also easily removable to help in cleaning if necessary.
The only potential problem would be ink stains in the tapered end of the barrel. It would be tough to scrub the ink down there since it’s so narrow. Long cotton swabs should do the trick.

Inks Used

Pelikan Edelstein Onyx was the only ink used for this review. The ink has performed well. No hard starts, skipping or nib creep. Just before this review went up with Diamine Syrah for the photo at the beginning of this article. No problems, but it’s barely been used.

Wrapping Up

This pen is a contender for my Top 5 so it’s a keeper. If I didn’t already have a Model 02 and was buying a new one I’d pick this version of the Model 02 but get the Emerald Green finish and the .9mm stub nib. Because the revised Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic is more comfortable for me I’ll use this one more than the original. I may swap nibs but the emerald green calls out to me and I’m not about to throw it to the curb.

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  2. Hi, first of all, I hope you’re doing well. Secondly, great review! I just discovered them very recently. I have a Model 46 and love it. I want to get another Franklin-Christoph. But this time, I want to go back to their older designs. I’m torn between the 02, 03, and 19. But I think the 19 will be a similar writing experience with the 46, so maybe I’ll skip that for now. If you have to choose between the 02 and 03 for your everyday carry pen, what would it be? Thanks in advance.
    Also, I realize it’s a review back in 2014. But I just thought to give it a shot and reach out.

    • Hi Arthur,
      The pens feel very similar when writing, so neither is a clear favorite. I like the tapered look of the 02 so that is my personal choice. I’d say pick the design that appeals to you more. The 03 has a longer cap, so it’s slightly longer when posted or traveling in your pocket. (Personally, I don’t post and don’t notice a difference when I use them.) The 19 is certainly bigger than the 02/03. I’m not familiar with the 46 so can’t compare it.
      Good luck,

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