Review: Kaweco AL Sport Black Stonewashed

Kaweco AL Sport Black Stonewashed photo

The Kaweco AL Sport Raw Aluminum made my Favorite 5 Modern Pen List in April so I’m obviously a fan of the Kaweco AL Sport. I reviewed that raw aluminum AL Sport back in November. My Kaweco AL Sport Black Stonewashed has the same extra fine nib as that pen and handles identically. Normally I’d have picked a second nib type but the extra fine nib seems like the perfect choice for the way I use this pen.

Why I Got It

I like the AL Sport but I really didn’t need another.  I found myself browsing the Cult Pens website for my semi-annual across the pond order and the Stonewashed AL Sports caught my eye. There’s a blue and a black version. I opted for the black. It was spur of the moment but I don’t regret it.
From what I could find the pen is available on Amazon Marketplace (shipping from Austria) but isn’t otherwise available in the US. I imagine it will make its way here eventually. It is also available from other European retailers.

What I Got

The Kaweco AL Sport in a Black Stonewashed finish with an extra fine steel nib.The pen arrived in the standard Kaweco tin and contained two blue ink cartridges. Much to my surprise a Classic Sport sized cardboard box was included although I’m not sure why. My earlier AL and AC Sports came in the tin without the smaller box.
The steel nib is silver with the Kaweco logo engraved. The stonewash effect covers the entire pen, except for the cap jewel itself where the Kaweco logo is unblemished. The stonewash effect is uniformly applied without seeming uniform. Places where you’d expect more wear, like edges, have more wear. All the angles and edges of the AL Sport make this pen perfect for the stonewashed treatment. The stonewashed look extends to the section and threads which is a nice touch. The complete coverage is a shortcut to years of use for those of us who like our pens to looked used. On the other hand my AL Raw Aluminum is developing its own unique wear pattern. Each has its own benefits.

The Numbers

This pen is the same as my Raw Aluminum AL Sport so this is a cut & paste from that review.

  • Length Capped: 4.213″  (107.1 mm)
  • Length Uncapped: 3.864″  (98.16 mm)
  • Length Posted: 5.030″  (127.77 mm)
  • Section Length: 0.615″  (15.62 mm)
  • Section Diameter (near threads): 0.390″  (9.92 mm)
  • Section Diameter (near nib): 0.380″  (9.66 mm)
  • Barrel Diameter: 0.429″  (10.91 mm)
  • Cap Diameter: 0.508″  (12.92 mm)
  • Cap Length: 2.764″  (70.21 mm)

Writing With The Pen

Kaweco AL Sport Black Stonewashed extra fine nib

The cap unscrews with just over one complete turn, about 1 1/4 turns. The pen comes with blue ink cartridges but black seemed more appropriate so I used a Kaweco Black cartridge from my supply. There is a Kaweco squeeze convertor but I’ve stuck to cartridges. The cartridges are standard short international but the converter needs to be smaller due to the pen size. The pen is designed to be posted and it’s one of the few pens I do use posted.
Even posted, I typically use the pen for short notes. The draft of this review is one of the longest writing sessions I’ve had with any Sport pen. I use it for quick notes or when it’s the only pen I have on me. I also use them for marking up other documents if they have an appropriate ink.
This particular nib is smooth. It has skipped a bit more than my other AL Sport but not enough to be annoying. The tines do seem slightly misaligned when viewed through a loupe but I haven’t tried an adjustment yet. Because of the way I use the pen (writing in a hand held pad or in other sub-optimal situations) this nib is less forgiving of weird angles than the raw aluminum nib. At a desk, with good pen posture, there is no skipping. The skips, when they occur, are usually on an upstroke.

Cleaning The Pen

I haven’t cleaned the pen yet but it should be as easy as the AL Sport. In other words, an easy flush with water.

Inks Used

I’m still on the first ink, a Kaweco Black cartridge. I expect the same performance as the AL Sport where I’ve used Kaweco cartridges. These have been problem free with a good flow and no staining.

Wrapping Up

I like the Kaweco AL Sport so I don’t mind having two. I’m partial to black pens and I don’t mind my pens looking like they’ve been used. I think the AL Sports are a good value despite being three times more than the Classic Sport. The Stonewashed pens add a bit of a premium on top of that but I think it’s also worth the cost The Kaweco AL Sport Black Stonewashed covers all the bases so it’s a keeper.

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