Nib Notes: Esterbrook #2312 Italic Medium

Esterbrook #2312 Italic Medium nibNext up on my Esterbrook nib list is the Esterbrook #2312 Italic Medium. This is my first Esterbrook italic nib and one of the three Esterbrook italics. The #3312 and #9312 being the other two.

Italic nibs are pretty much lost to me so I hadn’t made much of an effort to get one. Especially since they are among the rarer, and therefore more expensive, Esterbrook nibs. My completest obsession took over recently and I added one to my accumulation. It appears to be unused and is probably new-old-stock (NOS), at least until I inked it up.

The nib is a rather simple design, with “Esterbrook 2312 Italic” engraved lengthwise on the nib, one word per line.

The nib is more a cursive italic than a crisp italic. Proven by my ability to actually use the nib. My sample is smooth with a little bit of feedback. There’s a nice amount of shading from the nib.

The nib is $45 from Anderson Pens, although currently listed as out of stock. I couldn’t find any on eBay, except with a pen offered for over $130.

The Esterbrook #2312 Italic medium is not a nib I’ll use a lot, at least not until I improve my skill with it.


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