Nib Notes: Esterbrook #2550 Firm Extra Fine

Esterbrook #2550 Firm Extra Fine Nib

Continuing through my Esterbrook nib collection brings me to the Esterbrook #2550 Firm Extra Fine. This nib is more to my liking than the previous Esterbrook #2312 Italic Medium. My three favorite nib related words are used to name the nib.
The box indicates it’s a “firm extra fine” and a “posting” nib. In the context of a nib I’ve seen “posting” defined to mean a firm nib that can write a thin line and often used for post cards. While this nib is certainly firm and can write a thin line I think Esterbrook used the word “posting” to mean the nib was intended for porting ledger entries as in bookkeeping.
The nib is common on eBay, either in a pen or in a batch of nibs. Single nibs are about $13 on eBay. My particular nib came in a batch of nibs with an average price of $6 per nib.
Like other 2xxx series nibs there isn’t any tipping material, just the rolled over steel for a nib. The nib had the standard DuraCrome branding for a untipped nib. My particular nib has held up well over the years and appears to have been unused. The nib puts down a thin line and the flow is consistently good. This particular nib sample writes nice and smooth although there is a little bit of feedback.
The nib was listed in a 1955 pamphlet as a extra fine nib for bookkeeping. It wasn’t listed in the 1939 catalog.
The Esterbrook #2550 Firm Extra Fine nib was a potential favorite just based on the name. It turned out to be about what I expected. A pretty god nib that falls just short of favorite status.