Ink Notes: Diamine Syrah

Diamine Syrah bottle

Diamine Syrah is a favorite color of many, at least based on the reviews I’ve seen. Personally, I like red wine or burgundy colored inks so this seems like a natural for me. Yet, other than a small sample about a year ago, it’s taken me awhile to try this ink.
Diamine Syrah is a dark red ink that has some nice line variation and a little shading. It’s a darker red than my favorite Montblanc Bordeaux but I still like it. The ink is wet and flows easily from the nib. This contributes to the line variation as the amount of ink put on the paper varies by the speed and pressure of my writing. The ink also darkens as it dries.
I used my Sheaffer Balance Aspen and Franklin-Christoph Model 02 as daily writers for a few days. The Aspen had the only problem – one morning I picked up the pen, wrote a few words and then the nib went dry. A little strange that the nib had ink but the feed was so dry after only one night. The pen had been stored nib up and a couple minutes with the nib down resolved the problem. The flow was good after that.
I did get some feathering on cheap copy paper. Not bad, but noticeable. It’s a dark ink so there was some show through. Even on a Doane Paper Jotter which is my favorite pad for note taking because I can write on both sides. I could still write on both sides, but show through was noticeable. Despite the fairly heavy show through there wasn’t any bleed through. The ink isn’t completely washed away in the water test but I wouldn’t consider it water proof.
It’s a saturated red ink so it takes a little longer to clean from my pens, but I haven’t encountered any staining. Although, the longest it’s been in a pen is three weeks.

Pens Used

My Franklin-Christoph Model 02 with a extra fine nib had the ink for about two weeks. The flow was consistent and there weren’t any problems. The pen is a eye drop filler so my biggest concern was staining since this is a fairly well saturated ink. Yes, it took some time to clean and a little more than plain water. I had to include a mild pen flush soak and time in the ultrasonic cleaner.along with a little scrubbing. The hardest parts to clean were the “ice” effects since the acrylic is rough at those spots. After about 45 minutes it looked like new.
The Sheaffer Balance Aspen with a medium nib was also used for several days. The wider medium nib contributed to more line variation. As previously mentioned, this is the only pen that had any flow issues. Except for that one issue the performance was good.
The Gate City Pen The Belmont with a fine but wet nib and the Franklin-Christoph Model 19 with a broad stub were also problem free. While The Belmont is a fine nib it’s one of my wetter nibs so there was a lot of variation in the amount of ink put down giving some line variation. As for the broad stub, that’s always a lot of ink which resulted in some shading.
There are several nice burgundy and dark reds. The relatively fast dry time of Diamine Syrah on my most commonly used papers puts it above the others except Montblanc Bordeaux.

Additional Reading

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  4. Did you find that the ink smudges even after dry? I’ve heard problems of it lifting off when rubbed by a finger. Thanks for the review!

    • Hi h403,
      I haven’t used the ink recently, but I didn’t have any issue with smudging or rubbing off after it dries.
      Thanks for reading,

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