Nib Notes: Esterbrook #2668 Firm Medium

Esterbrook #2668 Firm Medium nib

Next up as I go through my Esterbrook nibs is the Esterbrook #2668 Firm Medium. The #2668 is a fairly common nib as evidenced by the fact that I accumulated four of them without really trying. The one I inked up for this review came on a parts pen.
It’s a boring, basic medium nib. The box, as well as Esterbrook literature, says the pen is a Firm Fine for General Writing. My nib has just a little tooth to it but it was in much better shape than the pen.
Like other 2xxx series nibs there’s no tipping material, the nib is just the rolled over steel which Esterbrook called DuraCrome Renew-Points. This nib remains in good shape so while the pen appeared well used it probably wasn’t with this particular nib.
The nib is currently $15 from Anderson Pens. Prices are a little more jumbled on eBay since the nib is rarely available alone. But I did fine one that seems to be in good shape for $6 while a NOS #2668 was $30.
I’m not a fan of medium nibs but this one was nice to use. Maybe it was the Montblanc Mystery Black ink. The flow was good and wet enough without being a gusher. Often I flush the pen after a day or so, but the Esterbrook #2668 is still inked up and I’ve been using it quit a bit. My modern pens are getting jealous.

Additional Reading

My search for other reviews came up empty, just a passing mention of the nib in a pen review. Like I said, a boring nib. Still, the Esterbrook #2668 Firm Medium is a medium nib I may actually use.

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  2. I have a very old Esterbrook fountain pen, but its converter (twist-and-pull type) doesn’t work anymore. I wonder if there is any way I can fix it. Also, I would gladly provide you with pictures of my fountain pen if its helpful for your perspective.

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