Ink Notes: Pilot Iroshizuku Syo-ro

Pilot Iroshizuku Syo-ro ink bottle and pen

The English translation of Pilot Irooshizuku’s Syo-ro name is “Dew on Pine Trees” which seems to be an apt name, at least when the ink is wet. I got the ink hoping the greens in this ink would stand out more than in the pictures I’ve seen, especially since I’m not a fan of blue inks.
Syo-ro is a teal ink that looks pretty good when it’s wet. It’s more teal on the blue side when it’s wet and then the green does come out as the ink dries. So by the time I took the writing sample photos there’s more green showing through. Luckily (for me) it only looks full on blue when it’s in the bottle and pen.
Like other Iroshizuku inks, Syo-ro is well behaved. It dries fast enough so I don’t accidentally smudge it. While not completely waterproof it’s water-resistant enough that I can read what was written after the water test. Plus, it’s easy to clean from my pens.
There is some nice shading with wider, wetter nibs. I can’t complain about the ink properties and while it does enhance the green color as it dries my reaction is still “meh”. If I was someone who used broad nibs I would probably like the ink more. It’s completely subjective but the color of Pilot Iroshizuku Syo-ro has too much blue showing, even after it dries, so it’s just middle of the road for me. I can’t say I like it, it’s more accurate to say I don’t dislike it.

Pens Used

I used my usual array or TWSBI nibs for the writing samples. The extra fine nib was used as my writer for a day and performed flawlessly. There wasn’t any skipping or hard starts. The ink was in the pen about a week and flushed out easily.

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