Nib Notes: Esterbrook #9284 Signature Stub

Esterbrook 9284 Stub nib side view

The Esterbrook #9284 stub nib is unique among my accumulation in that it’s a straight stub and not a relief (oblique) stub nib. The nib is BIG! It’s much wider than my favored fine and extra fine nibs. Yet, I got a lot of enjoyment out of using the nib. It was fun watching it put the ink down on paper.
The 9xxx series nibs were Osmiridium tipped, unlike the 1xxx and 2xxx series nibs. This made it more durable and, at least in theory, smoother. Esterbrook called these “Master Renew Points.”
I don’t have a box, but Esterbrook literature refers to this nib as a “Signature Stub” which certainly seems appropriate. While the line does vary the widest stroke was about 1.2 mm wide when I wrote with it. The nib is quit forgiving of the writing angle. It quickly goes through a fill of ink, especially since I’m used to the ink frugal fine and extra fine nibs.
The nib is smooth and because it is wide it tends to glide right over the paper fibers. There is a little tooth to the nib but it pleasant to write with.
The Esterbrook #9284 stub isn’t going to be a daily writer for me, but it will be inked every so often because it’s fun to use.

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