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four Cross pens
Cross Verve (bottom), Cross ATX (bottom chrome), Cross Apogee (top chrome, Cross Bailey (black pen)

I finished up my Cross pen quick reviews this past week. This was something a little different for me. The pens were collecting dust in my accumulation, and I had forgotten a couple even existed. So I inked them up for a day or two and then did a quick review. The Cross ATX was my first Cross pen and I can see why it led to other Cross fountain pens. What I dislike about it now, mainly the metal section, wouldn’t have bothered me when I got it.
Going into the reviews I had a low opinion of Cross quality but now that I’ve done them I’ve softened a little. I still stop short of recommending them, especially for first time buyers. The Verve definitely had terrible build quality, is my most expensive Cross, and has the best Cross nib, one that can compete with the best nibs out there. Two out of three may not be bad, but it isn’t good. The others are middle-of-the-road pens. Finally, it still irks me that Cross won’t include a converter in even their $100+ pens.
The Cross Reviews:

Site Update: I finally updated my Resources & Links page to reflect the additions to my RSS feed since May. There’s a few new sites on there.

Some links I found interesting this past week…

Giveaway: Pen Chalet is giving away three bottles of the now out of production Sailor inks. Pen Chalet
New Ink Announced: Tools of the trade: New ink from J. Herbin – [Quo Vadis Blog] //Wow! Yup, I’m excited about a boring grey ink. I just have to avoid trying to find a French retailer and be patient until it appears here in the States.
A new notebook company: Nib London A6 notebook and card review (and special offer) – [Pens! Paper! Pencils!]
Monteverde Laguna Fountain Pen Review / Monteverde Laguna Dolmakalem İncelemesi – [Write to Me Often]
Nock Co Maryapple Review – — [The Finer Point]
Seven Seas “Writer” Tomoe River Paper Journal (Size A5): A Review – [Scribalishess]
Review: Monteverde Intima Neon Green 1.1mm Stub Fountain Pen – [The Well-Appointed Desk]
Pen Review: Nakaya Decapod – [The Pen Habit] // I need to stop watching these Nakaya reviews.
Improving Penmanship: Self-torture or worth the effort? – [Dept4] //I should also stop reading articles on improving one’s writing. It’s embarrassing. But this article is pretty close to my thoughts. So far I’ve yet to actually “choose to.”
The Field Notes “Archival Wooden Box” Review – [Pen Paper Ink LetterPen Paper Ink Letter]
Pen Review: Kaweco Liliput – [The Gentleman Stationer]
Off-topic but interesting: Busy NYC Restaurant Solves Major Mystery by Reviewing Old Surveillance (via
Pilot Capless Fermo Retractable Fountain Pen – F Nib — [The Clicky Post]

Ink Reviews

Private Reserve Avacado – [inklode]
Review: Pilot Iroshizuku Kon Peki – [Alt. Haven]
Sailor Doyou (Midsummer) – [Inkdependence!]

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