Ink Notes: Pelikan Edelstein Aventurine Cartridge

Pelikan Edelstein Aventurine cartridge tin

This review is a little different in that I used cartridges for the review rather than bottled ink or a sample. I wanted to try some Pelikan Edelstein inks, but I didn’t want more bottles of ink but wanted more than a sample. So when the cartridges became available I took advantage of the opportunity. Cartridges cost more per milliliter but are less money out of pocket. Cartridges will also dry out over time, unlike bottled ink (at least ink in glass bottles). I picked Pelikan Edelstein Aventurine as my first cartridge since I’ve been itching to try a new green ink.
The Edelstein cartridges are long international so at 3 ml per cartridge that works out to about $0.44/ml. The six cartridges come in a nice tin and are protected by tissue paper inside the tin.
Aventurine is a nice bright green that has enough saturation to stand out with my preferred thin nibs. With wider or wetter nibs there’s some very nice shading. Pelikan is known for dry writing inks but Aventurine has good flow and I wouldn’t consider it a dry writing ink.
The ink is pleasant to use. I didn’t encounter any noticeable feathering or bleed-through with my common nibs and paper. With the wet Retro 51 medium nib I did encounter some feathering with cheap copy paper. There was also some show through with this nib and paper but no bleed-through.
The ink also dries fast. Considering how wet the ink looked when it hit the paper I was surprised it dried so fast. It was especially fast on Doane Paper (Jotter and writing pads) which is great for me since that’s what I use most. Drying time was longer, but very acceptable, on Rhodia paper.
I did notice that the ink as noticeably darker every morning when I first used the pen. The color returned to normal after a sentence or two. It remained darker even after the ink dried. Normally the ink brightens up just a bit as it dries.
I realize green ink is a negative is some countries and green isn’t a business ink. Despite that, I find the ink pleasing to look at when writing all day and used it as my daily driver for several days. I quickly ran through about 3/4 of the cartridge in my Franklin-Christoph Model 25 with a medium stub nib.
The ink barely leaves a trace after the water test, but it did leave a trace. But if you spilled a beer on your plan to make millions you could probably read enough to make about half that.
I show some swab comparisons in the gallery. While not an exact color match, I would use this ink the same way I would use Montblanc Irish Green. MB Irish Green is my bright green of choice although Pelikan Edelstein Aventurine would replace it if I didn’t already have a bottle of MB Irish Green. I don’t like it so much more that I would buy a bottle before the Irish Green is gone. I’ll have no problem using the cartrisges before they dry up.

Pens Used

The Franklin-Christoph Model 25 with a medium (0.9 mm) stub nib was inked up for a couple of weeks and was used as my daily writer for several days during that time. Except for the previously mentioned starting off dark each morning the ink was problem free. There wasn’t any skipping or false starts. I didn’t have any problems flushing this pen when I was done. This is one of the fastest and easiest ink flushes I’ve had in a long time.
The other pens shown in the writing samples were inked only long enough to do the writing samples. I moved the cartridge from pen to pen and gave the ink about 5 minutes to reach the nib. The Retro 51 was the only one that needed a little more time but it found the nib with just gravity.
Since there was still a little ink in the cartridge I decided to move it to my Franklin-Christoph Model 29 with a fine nib rather than waste the ink. Like the other pens flow and color depth is good.

Wrapping Up

Like I said, if I didn’t already have a bottle of MB Irish Green then Pelikan Edelstein Aventurine would be my bright green ink of choice. I like the colors equally but the Aventurine wins based on drying speed and shading.

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  1. Pelikan Edelstein Aventurine is my green of choice in this color category. It is dark, yet vibrant. It has a presence on the page, but not too bright. It’s just right. Thanks for the review.

    • Hi KP, agreed. It would be my recommendation from now on and will replace my current choice of MB Irish Green once it’s time to buy a new bottle.
      Thanks for reading.

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